Hello ladies (& ehem from the emails we got, gents)!

How you guys been doing? Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, coz once again The Shoplifters Rebels certainly did not stay put and laze all day! On Saturday, all three Shoplifters gathered and restocked our vintage dresses. Each one of us grabbed 8-9 pieces of lovely vintage dresses from the stockist and took one each for ourselves (Sorry Iylia, we haven't found any vintage skirts (yet!)). Then we did the photoshoot for Neue Fashion III which Shoplifter Tina collected earlier last week. This photoshoot was so much fun, although it was only done indoors but duuuude you all should've seen Shoplifter Schuhz gone crazy wild. Haha, I bet she'll put some of those pictures in her blog :P

Anyways, wanna see our sneak preview for tomorrow's Neue Fashion III? Here it is:We've got so much stuff we don't even know where to begin with! We have stuff ranging from rasta beach chic to cutesy stack ruffles to tuxedo pinstripe bow dress! Woah excited much?

Afterwards we went to SS2 Murni to have our very late lunch, it was already 5pm! You guys should really check this place out if you haven't already. They're famous for their Roti Daging, Carbonara, Hawaian Pizza, specially blended fruity drinks and so much more. Well then, after we've finished our feast we went to The Curve for the meet up with our customers. We just love seeing them full with glee receiving their packages. Hope you guys like your items and hey we've decided to put up a FEEDBACK page, so if there's any of you out there who have bought stuff from us doesn't matter whether it's offline or online do leave your feedback at that particular entry. Only stuff related to The Shoplifters yeah!

Then, we went back to the house at USJ2 in hopes of getting it cleaned. Well, we didn't because we were up late discussing and making the calculations of our next themed days. Luckily Shoplifter Schuhz whipped out mayo egg sandwiches to keep our mouth and tummy full that night. Also, we're thankful that we have our Mr. Invisible Shoplifter who helped built us The Shoplifter's Calc which came in handy when our spendings were all over the place. When we first thought of opening The Shoplifters we didn't even realize how big of a responsibility this is, with money and spendings and requests and keeping time and everything in check. Hard work, but we seriously are enjoying ourselves :)

We're glad that the debut of DIY Thursday was welcomed quite warmly by a few folks and they even decided to customize their requests. Thanks for the support ladies :) By the way, this is a sneak preview of this week's DIY Thursday. Uber cute and yummylicious! Limited stocks though coz we only have one child labor to work with haha :P. On Sunday we bought a few metres more of Japanese fabric and Dupatta chiffon. Mmm nyum can't wait to see them materialize in the form of skirts and clutches!

On to other good news, our ravishing rapunzel friend Li was approached by a greeting card company to revamp their blogspot after what they saw of Li's work for The Shoplifters. Congratulations Li! We're so proud of you.

Onto an unfortunate note, our friend Sarah and her brother Harris met with an accident recently. Unfortunately for Harris his hand was decapitated. Our biggest heartfelt condolences to Sarah and Harris for what has happened to them. To read more about Harris please go here. If you find it in your heart the slightest sympathy and would like to contribute to the fund. Please do so by emailing Sarah at Words of sympathy are also most welcomed..

Alrighty, that's all folks! See you tomorrow for Neue Fashion III aaite. Psst, feast your eyes with a set of Flickr photos of Paris during The Occupation!

The Shoplifters.

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