cómo estás?

Which means how are you in Spanish. We're not feeling so well here at The Shoplifters. Our Miss DIY has gone back to school and we'll be missing her so much here in KL. So please please refrain yourself from asking us about DIY requests because we won't be able to take them. Shoplifter Ami & Tina have no skills in even fixing up their own buttons or hemming skirts. We fail on sewing skills or crafting. Therefore!

"DIY Thursdays will be postponed till further notice."

The second thing of all, if you guys notice on our sidebar there's a column of GUIDE TO SHOPPING WITH THE SHOPLIFTERS, we've already written up our House Rules & Bidding Guide. Shoplifter Schuhz spent a whole lot of time to write these and if you guys could just please read this up before bidding and buying that would be so awesome for us because it seems like our readers have been asking the same questions over and over and over again. Not that we hate to answer all of that lovingly, we love to and we did answer all of the questions, lovingly enough. But, since everything is already written there's no fuss for you to type out the questions yeah?

Ahh, the hassles and fusses of business. You know we love The Shoplifters so much even on weekends when we say we'd lounge around, we most certainly don't! We spend our time thinking of ways to improve The Shoplifters and how to fulfill to our customer's needs. Sounds boring? Hmm, we're afraid not. Only thing that makes our heart hurt a little is when customers decide to take advantage of our kindness towards them and made us bend the rules a little too much. Which is quite unfair to other customers who abide to our rules willingly and happily with no fuss at all and we end the transaction by posting their items or handing out their buys with love and no heartache. Sigh.

Rule Importante numero uno (:

#5. All payment must be completed by Sunday at 12 PM. Please note that we balance our accounts every Sunday so this is very very VERY important.
If and only if the customer decide to play hanky panky on us, we'll relist the item (especially the vintage dresses) on a buy-it-now price with prices that we deemed suitable. We're very fussy about non-paying customers. After all, isn't it unfair that you get to pay later than everybody else? And business is still business.. nothing personal aite.

Rule Importante numero dos (:
#6. If you have reserved an item from the previous day's sales (ie: Neue Fashion), you must complete all transactions for the Neue Fashion purchase within 48 hours. You can always make another transaction for the Vintage Wednesday purchase, right?
Within 48 hours. Thank you. Like we said, this is all just business matters and since we're already working on the weekdays as corporate slaves and ehem (!) a fashion student, we much prefer quick and hassle-free transactions. Hope you guys do understand our situation. It's heartbreaking for us to cancel on any of you, but much to our dismay...

Alritey on to less serious businesses! We'll be having a Neue Fashion Sale tomorrow. There'll be items that are RM5 off and even RM10 off than the original price! So set your eyes on something from Neue Fashion and who knows you might get lucky :D

And then here's a little sneak preview of our precious Lanvin dress. Gosh, we're even contemplating whether or not we should put this on auction this Wednesday coz seriously, this worth thousands! Hmm, we'll sleep on that thought for now.

We left the best thing behind, Akane Salmon Blooms & Swanky Isabelle is re-listed! Come and grab it quick loves. We think that's all for today, see you guys tomorrow on our first sale!

p/s: Look here! We've found an interesting blog where vendors can share their opinions and experiences! How cool B-)

Proveedor de la moda,
The Shoplifters.

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