Phew! What a hectic weekend we had! We managed to do a few stuff despite having to rush all over the place in two days. There're a few highlights we'd like to share with our fellow readers because honestly it's a sin to keep all the excitement all to ourselves aite? So.. Sneak preview!!

On Saturday we went to Cap-Zooed. Nehi, we did not open up a booth. Much to our disappointment, we missed the deadline and couldn't book a spot :( . But we met a few of our customers and handed out their winning items. Glad to see their faces beaming seeing the packages. Also managed to snatch a few vintage items, printed chiffon, a pair of purple killer heels and we also purchased some bangles and rings before dropping by at Cap-Zooed, that's for our DIY project which will debut in a few more days. Hopefully tomorrow? :P

We were fortunate enough to grab a few pieces for Neue Fashion II, expect; neon colours, stripes, bows, killer heels! Most items are under RM50! Can you believe it? No, neither could we! We can't wait so, again.. Sneak preview!!

Went off to IKEA to grab some meatballs for dinner, oh god the first food we ate since morning! Don'tcha see how dedicated the shoplifters are to fulfill your fashion needs? Haha, we love doing it though! We went back home and our Miss DIY did some magic with her crafting skills in the car! The product was finished in mere minutes of doing so, luckily Miss Ami still have some stuff she bought from Japan during her business trip there which Miss Schuhz used to made the items. Woot!

On Sunday, we had a mini outdoor photoshoot with a fellow photographer. He offered us a free photoshoot, it's a win-win situation where he needs models and us, well we just love the camera :P. The photoshoot was for our vintage dresses. We took photos of all 20 dresses we have in hand. Here's some behind-the-scene photos:

One reader suggested we should change our background, so we did! We changed the whole setting haha. Hope you guys will like it when it comes out on Wednesday. There's a minor glitch though, we hope we'll survive that one. So right now, all of the dresses are sent out to AQUA LAUNDRY for cleaning. They'll come out squeaky clean and fresh, worry not my dears :). Oh yeah, we will also have some vintage shades going on for less than RM20!

The best news of all, a Shoplifter's mom just dropped the bomb on us. She offered us a double-storey house in USJ2 for us to keep our stuff. But we're thinking of doing a MINI garage sale for The Shoplifters & Friends. It's a corner lot house, spacious living area, rooms for fitting, kitchen complete with fridge & stove, and a backyard. We do have to do some cleaning in order to make this happen. But first, we'd like to do a survey. If any of you guys are interested in joining in as a vendor, please leave your email. Spots are quite limited but we'll try to squeeze people in. Come on, let's get together!

We haven't decide yet on what date the party will be going on, but hopefully before the end of August. The usual price for spots we suppose is RM50? We'll have to do our homework first about handling such event, but worry not we'll keep you guys updated!

p/s: Props to those who have linked and reviewed us on their personal blogs. Much love!

The Shoplifters.

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