Last weekend for the first time ever we decided to join Bijou Bazaar's event at Jheumpa D'Ramo. Most of our items were pre-used clothes and handbags, brand new stock and also quirky vintage attires. We were quite lucky to be able to grab a spot right in front of the entrance door of the bungalow with a standing fan to counter the heat of the day, a lovely antique wardrobe for us to store our personal items and a big mirror (part of Jheumpa D'Ramo's property) for our customers to view themselves in our outfits. It was very hectic on Saturday where by our sales achieved considerably great digits. We are very much thankful to all our customers so much that we even gave RM5 off on each item. Nonetheless, we also made new friends; The CampurJunk couple, Anti-Beauty & Badger hunks, She-Bop cutie pie, 6 T's boys & gal and others just to name a few. Thanks for the support that you guys have shown for us!

Last but not least, photos of our product which were sold last weekend will be uploaded soon, just so you have a rough idea what our store offers. Also, we are hoping that our customers would email us at for feedbacks on the items they got and why not attach a photo of you wearing our stuff :)

Till then,
The Shoplifters.

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