DIY Thursday I  

Finally! Shoplifter Schuhz has taken time out of her very busy schedule to bring you little bits of DIY for today. All items are handmade! Fabrics for floral green and orange owl were brought from Japan by Shoplifter Ami. All of them bangles are made of high quality fabrics and lined with ribbons on the inside. We apologise for the lack of DIY today since this is the first debut for DIY Thursday. Price are fixed and first come first serve only.

Wrists - RM7
Ears - RM5
Fingers - RM5
Ain't they cheap??

Wavy Zebra
Green Lizard
Blue Squared

Orange Owl
Green Flora ring
Green Flora

Landscape Green
Landscape Purple
Pink Ziggy

Expect hand-made clutches, skirts & purses next DIY THURSDAY!
Vintage Wednesday II auction is still running ;) in full speed it seems..

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