(For Vintage Wednesdays)

Follow this guide for a smoooootherrrrr auction.

#1. Always read item descriptions as we sometimes state faults of these items there, if there is any.

#2. Always e-mail us your bids, with the item's name as your subject. Please note that we do not entertain bids made on the chat box and comments. This way, we can record your bids with much more ease (not to mention quicker updates).

#3. For Vintage Wednesdays, only vintage dresses are on for auction. Therefore, the dresses ain't new, y'all! But still in spectacularly perfecto condition (unless stated lah). Our dresses originate from Japan and Korea, so it fits brilliantly well on typical Asian sizes. For a better understanding of Vintage Clothings, check out wiki's explanation. VINTAGE ITEMS ARE NOT RESTOCKABLE (duh).

#4. All auctions will end on Friday, at 2:30 PM. Back outs are only allowed before Thursday, 5 PM. All back outs made after, we'll charge you twice the price! Oh, we kid, we kid. But we'll be very bitter and we will re-list the item the following Monday.

#5. All payment must be completed by Sunday at 12 PM. Please note that we balance our accounts every Sunday so this is very very VERY important.

#6. If you have reserved an item from the previous day's sales (ie: Neue Fashion), you must complete all transactions for the Neue Fashion purchase within 48 hours. You can always make another transaction for the Vintage Wednesday purchase, right?

#7. Of course, everyone here knows that the minimum increment for bidding is RM3. But you can bid big!

#8. For our house rules, kindly visit here.

God speed!

Warm hugs all around,
The Shoplifters.

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