Only place your order if you're serious. Today, send us an e-mail with the item's name as the subject and ALWAYS include your contact number.

Neue Fashion Tuesdays and D-I-Y Thursdays are based on first come first served basis. Neue Fashion items are all brand new, and D-I-Y items are (obviously) handmade. All in limited quantities.

#3: Bidding.
Vintage Wednesdays requires you to bid. All bids MUST! be made via e-mail. We don't entertain other mediums because it's more organized that way, no? Auctions end on Friday, 2.30 pm, unless stated. Don't ask us to restock because that just ain't possible, ja.

#4: Blacklisting
No backing out after confirmation and no switching of items after transaction has been made. Back outs will be blacklisted. We already have an invisible one so be wise! We are very busy people, so don't waste our time.

#5: Payment method
Please complete all payment within 48 hours after confirmation. Payment to be made into our Maybank account and proof of transaction will be needed for verification. Announce your payment! It'll make us happy :)

#6: Shipping
Shipping charges are as follows: WM RM6, EM RM8 by PosLaju. Valid for 1-2 items only. Additional items will be charged accordingly. You may also opt for Pos Express, charges may vary. We also ship to other countries worldwide, but you bear the shipping costs lah.

#7: Delivery
COD (Cash On Delivery) is no longer available. Payment shall be completed prior to meet-ups within the said 48 hours to secure your item and to avoid back-outs. Delivery is currently only available in these areas: Wangsa Maju, Setiawangsa and Bangi. Delivery outside these areas will be charged an extra of RM4.

#8: Reservation

We can reserve your order, but only for two days. Need an extension? Come up with a creative excuse :). If it ain't creative enough, we will re-list the item the following Monday morning.

#10: Refunds
We don't accept refunds and exchanges. This! Is why you should read the item descriptions carefully before you order. If available, we'll state an item's faults here.

Undelivered or damaged parcels? Blame the postman! Don't pummel us to death yet. The Shoplifters will not be held responsible for any loss or damages during shipping.

RESTOCKABLE ITEMS; We know you love something so much you just gotta have it right away. We have tried restocking items within 24 hours but it was such a hassle to us because we also have a full-time permanent job other than being SHOPLIFTERS. Therefore, RESTOCK can only be done each Saturday, make your payment by Friday night or else you'll have to wait the following Saturday.

Ok, enough of this. Go buy something!

With cheesy grins,
The Shoplifters.

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