Ola muchachas! The time is here again for our Neue Fashion for the third round. The third time always a charm no? Therefore we've decided everything is priced under RM50 *shoplifters wipes sweat*, so watcha waiting for?

Miss Bow-wie

Whoopedudee, a tuxedo like pinstripe bow dress! We have two colors of pinstripe which is grey and blue. Only one set per color, this one is very versatile, you can wear a black shirt inside and a black skinny belt and voila supercutesy! Or wear this with a pair of leggings or even on it's own, it's unique and androgynous ;). With the smocked back, this lovely garment will be able to fit sizes UK4 up to UK10. Priced as low as:

Rasta Chic

Crocheted light knit top complete with a black boob tube is such a perfect wear for hot summery days, well which translates to almost every day in our hot country aite? Wear it with a cut-off denim shorts and a beanie to complete the rasta beach chic look. This babe best fits UK4-UK8. The boob tube comes free with the crocheted top. Comes with four set of colors, Blu-ray, Neon Threesome, Woody Oakly & Green Eyed.

Jenny's Ponytail

Jennys's Ponytail is made of breezy light cotton with small twirls of braid bordering on the chest to sleeves and also as a ribbon string on the front chest. The chest is complemented with pearly white buttons and thin pleats. You can wear it with a high waisted skirt, a pair of shorts and even under an office jacket with and A line skirt. Sweet deal huh? We have one for each color, Sweet Corn, Hot Fuschia, Black Noa & Popsicle Coral. This cotton top is made to look like a two piece top when instead it's one! It best fits UK4 up to UK10. Priced at surprisingly low:
RM35 RM29
Jenny's Ponytail Popsicle Coral - Available!
Jenny's Ponytail Hot Fuschia
Jenny's Ponytail Sweet Corn - Available!
Jenny's Ponytail Black Noa - Available!

Grey Doval

This chiffon mini dress has cute small prints of flowers on it, laced neckline and and a ruffled bottom. It also comes with a long black slip, detachable. This prized item can be worn with a large belt with booties to create that bohemian girl look. Uber cute! It is best fits UK4-UK10. Priced only at:

Ruffle Buffle

Ruffle Buffle is made of quality cotton, with monotone multi-tiered ruffles on the front. It can be paired with a grey leggings, a white skirt or even be worn on it's own. At the back, a cute keyhole to complete the look. We only have one set for this lil baby. Priced so low at:

Sweet Vivacious

This flowing cotton embroidered dress is so versatile you'd wanna own it in both colors! With chest adorn with embroidery and lovely flower flowing on the skirts, no one can say no to this lovely piece. It also has a detachable strap, which you can use as a tube dress, a strap dress or even a piece of long and high waisted skirt! We have one set per color, Fierce Turquoise & Ramona Black. Best fits UK6-UK12 :)

Oh dear God! Finally! We've been trying to upload the photos since early this morning, there was some problem connecting with the blogger server we suppose? But all is good now, we've resolve to other solution. Aaite on to the sales!

Au Revoir,
The Shoplifters.

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