Official Themes (Revised!)  

So, after much consideration between The Shoplifters trio, we've finally decided to put up themes so that it would be much easier for everyone to keep track of our products. Therefore starting tomorrow, we'll be having:

On every Wednesday of the week As of 2nd February 2009, we've decided that Vintage Wednesday will appear alternatively with Monday Monsieur (meaning; if it's Monday Monsieur this week, Vintage Wednesday will appear Wednesday next week and so forth), we'll be showcasing our vintage items. If you confused, we have provided an explanation of vintage clothings from wikipedia ;). Some will be in the form of auction where by highest offer within given time frame will win the item. And some item will also be sold as first come first serve basis. One thing that you need to know and understand about vintage items that they only come one for each piece, there's no such thing as restocking the same outfit over and over again. Which also means, no one else will be wearing the same thing as you are! You'll be unique in your own way :) Excited much?

Now next, the theme for brand new items!
As of 20th April 2009,

on every Tuesday, once a fortnight. Expect anything hot under the sun, clothes, shoes, bags we mean. This will be held as first come first serve basis. The fastest to confirm will get the item. Available in limited quantities! So be quick.

Anddd last but not least!

After heavy discussions with our very own Miss D-I-Y, we decided that our handmade items will be on once a fortnight (subject to availability of our Miss D-I-Y/Shoplifter Schuhz). That way will give time for us to make our crafts and also time for you to focus on Vintage and Neue Fashion :P

Expect stuffs such as tulle skirts, bangles, earrings and many more!

As of 26th October 2008, we've added one more theme to the town especially catering for or Men's Collection:
So yeah, subscribe to our RSS feed. Leave us your email. Come check us out every Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and every other Thursday! Thanks for all the love and support!

The Shoplifters.

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