Vintage Wednesday I CLOSED!  

Hear ye! Hear ye! The moment we've all been waiting for. All three shoplifters are really sad to let go of these delicious dresses! Do forgive the model, she has taken a shower before the photoshoot but she's looked haggard since birth (just kidding!).

This time around we'll be having it auction style. AUCTION STARTS AS SOON AS ALL THE IMAGES ARE UP & ENDS ON FRIDAY 08/08/08 5.30pm. All winning bidders must pay before Saturday so that we can post it on Saturday itself. Do remember that the post office only opens till 1230pm. If you are not able to pay before due date, you'll have to wait till Monday 11/08/08. Clear? Yeah it's pretty simple right.

The auction begins:


What's so special about this dress is that it has it's own vintage belt. Gold covered ornaments for the belt. Silk underlining and a very pretty print of 60's Victorian. It is long sleeved but hey you can always fold it up on hot days. It is best fit for UK6 to small UK10. This vintage dress originates from Japan, therefore the small cutting of it. Perfect for average Asian women!


This boho dress is quite lengthy originally so it's suitable for taller girls. However with a little creativity, the more petite girls ala the model can try hiking up the skirt and belt it with a large waist belt or small belt. No need for alteration! You can also wear it with with tee and use this as a full swing boho skirt ;). Suitable for size UK6-UK10. Reminds us of Sienna Miller.


SOLD TO SHOPLIFTER SCHUHZ! (She's unstoppable, we're sorry you guys.)


Original length is as the first photo. Second and third photo shows bits of creativity. Sweet pleats at the chest and back. Material is made of cotton therefore very breezy and suitable for our high climate. The floral print is actually somewhat similar to what Topshop carries for Spring/Summer 08. Suitable for size UK6-UK10. This one reminds us of Cecilia from The Atonement ;)


There's nothing awkward about this dress except that it's super light and pretty! As usual the original length is at the first photo. Light colours of brown, lavender and yellow are splattered all over the dress. Kind of like small twigs oh happiness dropped down from heaven. Material is chiffon, but the skirt is underlined with cotton. However it's not too sheer :). Suitable for size UK6-UK10.


How lucky are we to found another Swallow dress? This one is scarlet just like in the third photo. Comes with a belt of it's own (slightly yellowish on certain part), long sleeved (which can always be rolled up). And we think the dress is perfect in it's original length. Two of it's buttons are deformed but still usable (wearer would need to change the buttons, but meh small matter aite?). Last but not least, sweet pleats around the skirt. Cute! Suitable for size UK6-UK10.

Pictures of details will be uploaded and linked soon! Minimum increment for bid is RM3.Start bidding! Oh yeah, all bidding MUST be done in comments & email to avoid confusion and please don't forget to jot down your e-mail address as well! :)

p/s: Model is 1.57m of height and 49kg. We have uploaded detail pics of these dresses in our Flickr. Ch-ch-check it out!

The Shoplifters.

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