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We suppose this theme needs no more introduction, ja? It's extra special this week with the appearance of our vintage designer item and lovely lovely pieces. Take your pick, take it all! But before that, do read this. It'll answer all your questions regarding this auction:

And off you go!

Lanvin Paris Spring Dress

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Quote by Alber Elbaz design philosophy for Lanvin:
Jeanne Lanvin headed one of the premier Paris couture houses of the1910s and 1920s, even though her "pretty" dresses contrasted sharply with the slim, almost androgynous aesthetic of that period. Lanvin's designs seemed to exist in a time of their own: although modern, they were never governed by the prevailing modes.
Quote from Jeanne Lanvin's biography
Her work was easily recognizable by her skilful use of embroidery, and her fine craftsmanship. She used a particular shade of blue so often, that it came to be called "Lanvin Blue". Throughout her career, Lanvin was firm in her belief that "women were meant to wear clothes of unabashed femininity." Her work represented the survival of romantic clothing. During periods when fashion offered only a single silhouette, Lanvin always offered a feminine alternative. In the early 1920s, when skirts were slim, she championed the robe de style, inspired by eighteenth-century fashions, which featured a full skirt supported by a knee-length oval hoop petticoat. This style was associated so closely with the House of Lanvin that it is still used today on the Lanvin label.
We believe that this dress must have originated from the time Madame Jeanne Lanvin headed the House of Lanvin which is circa 1867-1946. Or it could be from her daughter's era (Madame Marie-Blanche Lanvin) who took over till the year 1958. We can't say for certain, but all we can say that this dress is really beautiful, with exquisite workmanship, vibrant floral hues and mod-ly aligned buttons on the semi side of the dress from top to the middle bottom of the skirt. If you actually unbutton it all, it will function as a jacket. The softly gathered pleats around the skirts makes u want to swing it in full circle and dance dance dance or simply do a slow dance solo ;). The material is somewhat similar to tweed but it's not as thick & coarse as tweed. There's white speck on the underarm of the dress we believe to be baby powder but it's quite unnoticeable! The dress is fully lined with blue silk and falls just above the ankle of our 5' model. The waist is quite small (as always for old vintage dresses), much suitable for those with 27" waist and below. Therefore quite suitable for those sizes UK4-UK8?

It's beyond our own comprehension on why we would want to sell this designer piece but we believe (or try to believe) there's someone out there who would want to own this lovely dress be it as a collection to cherish & to hold or just someone who would want to to own a vintage designer item. But be warned! That we reserve the right to revoke this item if the price does not meet our satisfaction. Alas, you can always try your luck ;) (Belt not included. All quotes of Lanvin are from The Fashion Spot)
Offer us a price we simply can't resist!

Bella Victoria

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Do you remember our Black Victorian Princess from Vintage Wednesday I? Well, this baby is the complete epitome of goodness from that dress! Old cameo head prints, dainty vintage button and exquisite neckline. What draws our eyes to this dress is of course the design of it, the ruched drapes was definitely a yes in our book! This dress has shoulder pads (as always for old vintage dresses). It's fully lined with silk on the inside, impeccable workmanship! Best fits for UK4-UK10.

Prairie Hoiden

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
This simple dress has very cute drawings of prairie houses which reminds us of the Little House on Prairie series circa 1970's to 1980's. The material is somewhat between rayon or nylon. Fully buttoned down to the hem. Simple collars and long sleeved, which is wearable to work or class! This dress best fits UK4-UK10. (Belt not included)
Bidding starts from RM10.
Syahmi- RM40

Peter Polka Romper

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Oh boy, this one is a really fun romper! Yes it's a romper. We thought at first that it was a dress but hey no! It simply spells merriment for this baby. What with the polkadot print, the peter pan collar, the cutesy pockets on the chest and it does not end there, there's also a hidden pocket on each side of the wide shorts! Oh boy oh joy, is it not? The waist is pretty small, much suitable for those with 27" and below. The romper is fully made of satin, and pearly thin buttons (though one of the buttons on the sleeve was missing and replaced with a plastic thin button by the stockist, not at all visible!). Best fits UK4-Uk8.
Bidding starts from RM20.
Yin Fei - RM60

Balenci Mademoiselle

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Doesn't this baby simply reminds you of Balenciaga's Foam Perforated Dress from Spring 2008? What a coincidence huh! Now we're not implying that Mr Cristóbal Balenciaga created his collection from this vintage dress, but who know ja he might have gotten inspiration from vintage floral ensembles ala the photo. This dress is fully embraced with floral paintings, small waist, puffed sleeves, tulip skirt and complemented with shoulder pads. It's made of cotton therefore light & breezy is the key word here. Best fits UK4-UK8. (Belt not included)
Bidding starts from RM20.
Nareez - RM56

Lacy Lucy

Photos: 1, 2, 3
Quote from Sara Conde on the Fashion Blog.
With all the smart fabrics around, and all talks about sustainability in fashion, Miuccia Prada did the unexpected and chose lace as the fabric of the future – beautiful, sustainable, pious while being erotic at the same time.
This glamorous laced dress comes in the right time when lace is in for Fall 2008 no? Even Prada has announced that Lace is the Fabric of The Future. Teardrops shaped lace, made with chiffon. Quite sheer on the top but fully lined for the skirts. Can be fixed with a dark corset underneath. Very sexy mamasita! This lovely piece has a straigh cut design therefore it would fit UK4-UK12. Complement it with a waist belt and voila! (Belt not included)
Bidding starts from RM20.
Lullaby RM51

Lavender Isabelle

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
This dainty baby could be the sister of our Swanky Isabelle. Made of high quality chiffon, fully lined. Pleated chest and back and all around the skirts. Tiny multiple dots which makes it look even demure, and not to miss the laced collar! Nothing else can define this free-hearted dress, it's simply elegant and sweet! Best fits UK4-UK10. (Belt not included)
Bidding starts from RM10.
Anil AXTEQS - RM18

Lavish Grace

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Now we must say, when you google graceful we swear, this dress would pop up. Just kidding but hey that could happen! This lovely babe is adorned with lovely prints of brown, grey and white small butterflies-like-flowers chasing brown leaves. It's like Spring chasing over Fall no? Simply demure with a row of buttons at the back where you can wear it to the front, a ruched side which actually acts like a fabric side twisting belt! Very exquisite workmanship, made of satin. And it best fits UK4-UK10. (Brooch not included)
Bidding starts from RM20.
Sandra Tan - RM85

Coy Leaves

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Ah we forgot to include this demure baby in all the hassles of writing this entry. Nevertheless, this chiffon made sleeveless dress comes with it's own belt. Cool blue white flowers adorning the dress with multiple square background. Simply lovely! Best fits UK4-UK12.
Bidding starts from RM10.
Shura - RM34


Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Oh God, is the dress made for angels? Light salmon color, heavy chiffon which easily translates to high quality material, small cute print of dainty flowers, demurely gathered pleats on the chest and back, custom made quality tassle belt and vintage gold square buttons. Seriously now, if no one's bidding on this one Shoplifter Ami is gonna take this and have it as hers immediately. Oh, despite the fact that the dress is not sheer, the skirt is lined with cotton for better coverage. Ahhh.. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Qilahlala - RM60!

Click every single link, it's so worth it :). Oh by the way, we've changed the end time for auction to Friday 2.30pm! We'll be waiting for your emails love!

Bonne Chance,
The Shoplifters.

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