The Shoplifters Wishes You:  

Dear readers,

We will be on hiatus from 30th September 2008 ~ 5th October 2008.
Neue Fashion will not be available on 7th October but will presume production on 14th October 2008. Vintage Wednesday will be on air on 8th October 2008 as usual.

Drive safely peeps, have a merry Aidilfitri celebration!

Yours truly,
The Shoplifters.

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Vintage Wednesday VIII  

This time we are well prepared, we've also changed the background for the photoshoot. How do you like it? :). Today's Vintage Wednesday are all at fixed price, and those who are able to make the fastest payment will win the item. Do understand we all want the transactions/shipping matter to be finished before Friday ends. For those who are still confused about the term vintage, we suggest you read it up here at Wikipedia as we define our vintage items as what has been written there, precisely. Thank you. Now let's test your typing speed ;)

80's Red Jacket

This red bad-ass jacket is made of viscose rayon, lined with rayon on the inside. The double rows of gold vintage buttons is what attracts us to this jacket. It would look a little large on a UK4 ala the model, therefore this attire would best fits UK6-UK10.

Mocha Maxi

This long maxi dress falls just right beneath the model's ankle. Very sexy with the side slits on both sides of the dress . Zipper at the back and oriental neckline. This dress is slightly stretchable, we suspect it's a mixture of rayon and polyester. Quite a contrary from the usual maxi dresses that you've seen right? Of course, a vintage is always an exclusive! Best fits UK4-UK8.


60's Tweed Jacket

Obviously it's made of tweed, lined with rayon on the inside. Fake pocket flap adorned with cute vintage buttons on the chest. Pair it with our checkered leggings and a graphic Tee ala Luella and girrl you are smokin'! Will fit UK6-UK10, although it will be a bit fitted on a UK10 but hey that's gonna be okay still rite?
Frou Frou Nareez - RM60

Peter Pan Jacket

The cute ever so raved peter pan collar now comes in a jacket version? Furthermore it's vintage and checkered! Huge buttons lined down on the chest, and small cute pockets. The material is cotton and lined with rayon on the inside. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Frou Frou Nareez - RM55

White Puffed Jacket

White puffed jacket has a YKK zipper on the front, and a belted hoop on the side. Best suits UK4-UK8.
Frou Frou Nareez - RM55

Snow Panthera

Rawr! Snow Panthera is made of high quality chiffon with soft pleats all around the skirts. Lovely collar and long sleeved. The prints are just to die for, if you like cats well you'll certainly love this piece. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Sharon C - RM80

Lotus Elissa

This Lotus dress has an interesting kimono-like chest design. The lotus prints are accentuated by the black background of the dress. Simple yet lovely. It also comes with it own belt of the same cotton fabric. Best fits UK6-UK10
Aisyah N - RM45

Daisy Suspender Skirt

This baby has very small cute florals adorning all over the full swing skirt and suspender. There's a zipper at the back of the skirt and buttons. Though the suspender is not adjustable but that can be fixed with a lil bit of simple alteration. Pair it with a black, white or sunny yellow tee and you're good to go. Best fits UK6-UK10.
Tinie - RM50

Violet Paisley

This purple paisley dress is fully made of polyester, cooling and slightly stretchable type of fabric. It has a simple neckline and a straight cut design for the dress. If you are aware, paisley patterns are so hot this Fall 2008, just look at high street stores eg. Zara & MNG. This baby would best fits UK4-UK10.
Tinie - RM45

Sweet Pleats

This dress reminds of Shrewd Mary's softly gathered pleats except this time it's all over the dress. The soft pastel colors of flowers simply made this dress more dainty and sweet. It also comes with it's own belt with a plastic buckle. The florals are of brown, baby blue and green hues. The actual color of the background is beige, and it is made with high quality chiffon. So suitable to wear on that evening with atok and nenek. Best fits UK6-UK10.
Ying Yi - RM50

Falling Dukes

This soft chiffon dress is too lovely we're hesitating we should sell it or not. It has soft pleats on chest, back and all around the skirts. It's quite sheer therefore wearer are advised to wear a slip dress inside ala the model. The sleeves are bat-wing styled, only that it's short and dainty. It has a stretchable waist band therefore would best fits UK4-UK10.
Tinie - RM50

Laidback Orange

This laid back straight cut dress is fully made of cooling slightly stretchable polyester. It has a V-neck back, sexy and you may choose to wear the V-neck to the front if you wish. It has a folded sleeves and a sash for you to tie around your waist. It even still has it's price tag which reads USD49.95. Woah! Best fits UK6-UK10.
Ity - RM45

Yellow Sunny

Made of chiffon, sunny bright yellow! Lovely white flower prints on the skirt and chest. Soft polkadots adorning all over the dress. Very sweet and dainty indeed! Best fits UK4-UK10, just complement it with a belt ;)
Tinie - RM55

Sassy Lullaby

For some reason this sassy chic dress reminds us of our loyal customer Lullaby. This is just as chic and sexy as her. The off shoulder neck and the fitting is just perfect! Fully made of cotton with white floral on the dark background. Button down till the very end. Nyum! Best fits UK6-UK8.
Lullaby - RM50

Cheeky Widow

If last week we had the solemn Onyx Widow, well this time we have a Cheeky Widow in the house. Softly gathered pleats all around the bodice, lovely accentuation on the shoulder, oriental neckline and it's chiffon! Fully lined though :) Best fits UK6-UK10.
Isis - RM55

Giant Paisley

Giant Paisley is made of mixed nylon with rayon, it has very vibrant hues of purple, maroon, blue and others which makes the paisley prints more prominent than ever. Simple neckline. Best fits UK8-UK12.

Fire Red Bucket Bag

Grr, red and golden. Here's a shot of it's inside and actual color, three large compartments and 1 zipped compartment. The tag says Papillion and it has a long sling strap. Item is still in very good condition. Saw something similar being sold at Bijou for a whooping RM69.
Frou Frou Nareez - RM45

Maroon Diva

The actual color is maroon, signs of used can be seen. Labeled as Diva, zipped compartment on the inside and back and a compartment under the flap at front. Long sling strap, still in good condition.
Frou Frou Shikin - RM30

Finally, fastest payment gets the item. Quick!

Thug's hugs,
The Shoplifters.

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