Hej hej everyone!

How was your extra long weekend? Exploding with fireworks, I bet! We had a really busy weekend (as we always do) and didn't even get the chance to celebrate our country's 51st year of independence. As usual, it's Monday again which means it's the start of our weekly update. This week's Diary will be brought to you by Shoplifter Schuhz (for once), as Ami is currently busy sorting out this week's brilliantly mad collection. (Brilliant, I say).

So our weekend saw us exhaustively digging for items for this week's Neue Fashion Update. It was a tiring evening, what with our empty stomachs, but I must say, it was all worth it. This time around we've decided to ditch the fabrics, and get accessories instead.

We shall bring you some really awesome necklaces which are honest to God, just lovely. Our first batch of automobile bags. No, not the same Kodok bag I own which has been modelled by Shoplifter Tina, but something much much more brilliant. The other girls had to beat me up to refrain me from taking one (I kid, I kid). We also have some vibrant waist-cinchers with beautiful buckles. Other than that, of course we can't leave out the footwear. Yeah, we decided to go all out last weekend. Of course, I'm totally over the whole gladiator fad, but it's still walking around proudly, man. So we thought we'd bring some to the table as well. Last but not least for this week's Neue Fashion, I lied when I said that we've ditched them fabrics, because this time we're bringing you just one maxi dress, in three pretty colours, which we all had to refrain from taking one for each of us.

On Sunday, we went for our appointment with the lovely Miss Beii from BFree to discuss about our participation in their Junkyard sale at Mentari Business Park, Sunway this coming 21st September. We are excited! The space is quite large, air conditioned and the rental rate is pretty cheap, as low as RM35. For those interested in participating, do e-mail Miss Beii from Bfree at beautisland at hotmail dot com.

Later, we headed to the Rantai Art Event, where we met our sexy neighbour, Nareez from Frou Frou, to deliver her gorgeous Balenci dress, and for me to pick up my brilliantly made R2D2 pixellate. They are painstakingly talented, I tell you folks. Go check them out for the cutest most fine crafted pixellate in town. They'd even make you pixellates of your own submitted designs (which is what I've been doing. Hee! Thanks girls!)

And the best part of our weekend? We restocked our vintage dresses on Sunday night. I went absolutely rambang mata, wanted everything for myself, but as usual, Tina and Ami had to kick my ass so that I'd come to my senses. You will be thrilled. I am loving our new collection. I don't want to say much about it, but here, take a tiny peek yourself. We have more where these came from. A room full of it, in fact. So keep stopping by every week, for the best of our vintage collections.

Wait for it, wait for it.

With air kisses,
The Shoplifters.

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