Honest to God, The Shoplifter rebels are too tired from One Night Spend. On Saturday, Shoplifter Ami was held captive at her workplace and Shoplifter Schuhz passed out at home as she usually does on weekends and we could not join Shoplifter Tina to purchase stocks for Neue Fashion. But we must say we love what she bought, bits of sexiness, bits of Tina Turner 70's leopard print, also fluttery ruffles of sweet and chic dresses! Nyummy :D

We're sorry to say that there will be no sneak preview photos this week but everything will come out tomorrow morning so just stay tuned on our page and clickity click. We're also really happy that we were able to meet our buyers in person mostly during Replacement's Midnight Sale. Apologies to those who did not receive proper span of attention as we were quite busy hassling comers to buy our stuff :P. Overall we can say that we're pretty much happy with our sales and also making new friends with customers who have never heard of The Shoplifters. Even the prices showed how generous we were being that we put the price at RM50 and below! (most items were below RM40)

With that said, we've decided that we should add more quantity to our Vintage Wednesday, therefore expect about ten vintage dresses at low fixed prices. If you're not into our auctions, you know you don't wanna miss this aite?

Apart from that, we also met the Emmagem Team, gorgeous Dee the Zookeeper (!!) and neighboring online shop owners in person. What a delight indeed! Except that we totally forgot to whip out our cameras in time :(. Lastly, thanks so much to our good good friends who came to give their support; you know who you are. Also to PartTimeLovers for decorating our Andy table with their brilliant CDs (which were completely sold out, we might add). Much love, yo! Fuh, we guess that's all to sum up our weekend.

See you guys tomorrow!

The Shoplifters.

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