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Can you believe that we're just a week farther from celebrating Eidulfitri? So what's the plan..? Of course ze last minute shopping? Ah-ha! We know all of you must be very good at doing that. That's why we have a few more new and vintage items for your hungry eyes to feast on before the week ends. How about new raya shoes? Or a slinky silk top for you to wear to that dinner with ye old friends and family. Not too sexy, not too wild. Just nice we must say. We're sure that lil cousins of yours would wanna ask where you bought that top of yours. And we also have some sexy leggings/tight pants for you to pair with that poofy ruffled top. Nyum! Ouf no more words, on to the sneak preview image! Here's one for Neue Fashion which will come out tomorrow;

Now what about our vintage items? This time the items are a bit laid-back, relaxing and suitable for that evening tea with atok and nenek. Helping the aunts and uncles serve the late night snack or just for lazy days. Nonetheless, each and everyone of them are just to die for! We're covering a a lot this week, from jackets to long maxi to bags. Oohhlala.. wanna sneak peek?

Rawr! So the best thing of all about our Neue is that everything is below RM60! Uhuh, we're not toying around. It's the truth! And what's more exciting about our Vintage Wednesday this time is that everything is at a fixed price and most of them circulates around RM50. Now you know what to do, keep that money tucked safely till (tomorrow and) Wednesday. Cause we'll be selling them to the fastest payer on Vintage Wednesday. After all, it's gonna be Raya next week and we're sure all of you are in a hurry to balik kampung. The faster the better ;)

Oh by the way, how was our Bijou? We had a blast! And everything was at a cheap cheap price! We're so happy having to meet the girls who've dealt with us before and putting faces to the names, also making new friends makes us smile a lil wider. Thanks to those that came to support us. You guys are the best! On a solemn note, we didn't attend Bfree due to a little personal matter which was unavoidable. We're so sorry, hope we can join in another event around that area soon.

Alritey, till tomorrow! Take care peeps.

p/s: Surprise! Our Shoplifter Schuhz designed a new layout for our site, how do you like it?

den bedste,
The Shoplifters.

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