Howdy ladies & gents!

Judging by the topic, we guess you've pretty much sorted out what we're gonna ramble on about huh? ;) Yes you're right! The Shoplifters will be at the Replacement Boutique x Salon tomorrow starting from 6pm-12am, joining the Midnight Sale.

Now, did you visit our booth at Bijou Bazaar for our first debut? No?! Yes? Good news for you girls and boys as typically during bazaars and junkyard sales we are more lenient on the pricing. Plus, we have loads of vintage dresses and ensembles you can choose from. This time around, you will be able to see, touch, feel, lick and smother yourselves in our goods if you want to. Hey, you can also try it on to see if it fits :D

These are half the dresses currently in our hands:

We did an inventory of our vintage goods yesterday, and we have in total of over 60 vintage attires! Yes, a room bursting with quality vintage dresses. And not forgetting, we also have cool jackets for guys. Wow, are you still contemplating? To go or not to go? Well you shouldn't! Just drop everything else and come meet us there.

Other than that, we'll be selling our good friends, PARTIMELOVERS's, first demo album at RM5 only! Expect to hear bits and bobs from Kings Of Leon to BRMC. The best part is, they have promised to return a FULL REFUND to buyers who aren't satisfied with both quality and musical ideas (after you've ripped into your PC/MAC of course). What better deal than that huh?

Anyways, for those who have won the auction and all our pending buyers in KL city. Worry not about the shipping cost, we'll have a grand meet-up at Replacement.

See you guys there!

The Shoplifters.

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