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Wow, we can't believe this is our 5th week doing the themes andddd also The Shoplifter's 1 month anniversary! Aww we're still babies, learning and everything and we hope we did well all this while. However, we're still waiting for our previous customers to write their feedback though, to do that you guys can check it out here :)

Anyways, like Shoplifter Schuhz announced on the Diary, we have loads of accessories for you guys to sought after. Including three pieces of lovely boho prints of maxi dresses! On to the items yeah?

Luelly Maxi

Photos: 1, 2, 3
This lovely hues of paisley, boho and peruvian prints are scrumptious! We are planning to restock this babies for our selves haha. Of course the sweet combination of colors: greens and purple, and pink mixed with blues makes the wearer looks sexy demure. And not to miss the vibrant red is just to die for! Hello hottie! You can actually wear it two ways: halter and as tube maxi. Smocked at the back, suitable for the smallest UK4 and the bootylicious UK12. The material is of course high quality cotton, no worries of it being sheer at the bust as it is lined with nylon. Ahh too sweet to pass!

Silver Symphony

Photos: 1, 2
If you guys still remember Robbie William's Kids song featuring Kylie Minogue, part of his lyric was this:

You’ve got a reputation
Well I guess that can be explored
You’re dancing with the chairman of the board
Take a ride on my twelve cylinder symphony

He named his ride as Twelve Cylinder Symphony which is why we came up with Silver Symphony for our own ride! Very spacious compartment on the inside, lovely golden and silver dust swirly decoration on the windows and aww oh my god just look at the wheels and front, they look like eyes and mouth! We only have two pieces so be quick! The pricing is quite steep due to high quality material used for the outside and the insides of the bag. We've seen something similar sold at Pumpkin for quite the same price :) Priced liberatingly at:
RM94 RM75!!

Purse-It Necklace

Photos: 1, 2
This silver necklace is so modern vintage, made with heavy quality silver steel we suppose. You can even open up the purse and put in your loved ones picture in it. Too sweet, even the boys can give it to your girls as a present. Awww, the length is just perfect where by it falls rite below the bust. Not too long, not too short :) Unfortunately we only have 1 piece in hand due to the fact that it's the only one our stockist have :(. We saw a few shops(offline and online) selling this for a whooping RM50-RM80? But we're only pricing it at half,

Birdy Gold Window Necklace

Awww birdy birdy! Look at this special antique gold necklace with small birds swinging by here and there, lovely ornamented window which can be opened up or clasp closed. The color is close to old gold which is also to our opinion, quite modern vintage (actual color is like on the model's pic). We're currently refraining ourselves from taking one coz it's just too cute but we believe our customer deserves better attention than just ourselves rite. This piece of babycake necklace is quite long and heavy, but say our readers are all creative we know they can style this one as they please. Not to worry we have five pieces of this. We saw a few shops(offline and online) selling this for a whooping RM50-RM80? At ours, it is priced as low as

Butterflyby Cincher

We can't decide whether it's a butterfly or a peacock buckle! Coz it does look like a peacock if you wear it upside down. Seriously, no kidding! Vibrant hues of fuchsia pink, yellow and blue has got our hearts hooked like no other. Pair it with a plain white tee or even a vintage dress and you'll instantly modernize your vintage wear. Isn't vintage all the rave nowadays? Haha. Best fit for UK4-UK10 and ofcourse it's stretchable. Sadly to say, we only have one piece for each yellow & blue and two piece for fuchsia, so be quick!

Silver Gladius

Photos: 1, 2
Gladiators (Latin: gladiatōrēs, "swordsmen" or "one who uses a sword," from gladius, "sword") were professional fighters in ancient Rome. Although these babies might not be the exact footwear those days but hey we do fight in the name of fashion no? Zipped at the back and creative strands of silver straps adorning your legs. So comfy with padded insoles! The sizing are pretty similar to local shoe store ie Vincci and Nose. Available in sizes 36 to 39. Priced at only

That's all for Neue Fashion V folks! More detail photos will be uploaded soon, which are usually uploaded in our Facebook, do join us! :). First come first serve basis!

Deres bedste,
The Shoplifters.

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