Neue Fashion VI: RESTOCK ORDER!  

Hey people!

Due to high demand, we are restocking this week's Neue Fashion items; The Ava, The Bondage, even the Step-On Leggings!

If you are interested, send us an e-mail with the item's name as your subject and include your name and contact number. Upon making reservation, you are required to pay a booking fee to secure your order:

Ava - RM25
Black Ava - Iylia S, Irene
Army Green Ava - Ciare
Bleu Ava - 0
Pure Ava - Iylia S, Vivien S, Naomi

Bondage Gladiators- RM35
Brown Bondage
Size 4 - Dayana S
Size 5 - Melissa K
Size 6 - Ainun N
Size 7 - Baby Dania
Size 8 - Rhonna O

Cream Bondage
Size 4 - 0
Size 5 - 0
Size 6 - 0
Size 7 - Aisyah AK
Size 8 - 0

You know the drill, we will try to restock what we can, but if the order doesn't reach it's minimum requirements, full booking fee will be refunded. The Bondage will only arrive two weeks after order has been made so please be patient.

Fastest to make payment will be given top priority. Please email us for payment details!


Stalking stockist,
The Shoplifters.

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