Neue Fashion VII  

The 7th round we're bringing in more gladiator sandals and we've also revised the prices of our previous Neue Fashion stock. Quick, first come first serve only!


This shirt dress is made of high quality stretchable cotton, with possibly popped collar and a detachable sash which makes this shirt extra sassy than any other shirt dresses. It has buttons all the way down, cute pockets on the hips with buttons and just look at the sleeves. You can wear this to the class, work or even just put it over your casual lazy shirt before going out and voila, sleek and smart with an edge. Actual length of the sleeve is 3/4 sleeved. This attire would best fit UK6-UK10.

Black Ava

Sold / Sheema

Army Green Ava

If you are feeling queasy just put on a pair of leggings ala the model.
SOLD / Ying Yi

Bleu Ava

Feeling sexy? Knee high boots is the answer ;)
SOLD / Qilah Axteqs

Pure Ava

White is the color to go ;)
SOLD / Nina


Tie me up! Well this gladiator needs no more introduction. PVC bands with long non-stretchable laces. The sizing is pretty similar to our local shoe store eg Vincci or Nose.

Brown Bondage Gladiator:

Cream Bondage Gladiator:


Colours available : Red, Blue, Dark Purple, Purple.
Size : Fits XS, S and M.
Type: 120 denier, thick non-sheer fabric.
RM12 per piece


Colors : Black (2 pieces, sold to nina & jackie), Purple (sold to isis)
Size : Fits S, M, L
Type: 120 denier, thick non-sheer fabric.
RM18 per piece


Photos: 1, 2
Gladiators (Latin: gladiatōrēs, "swordsmen" or "one who uses a sword," from gladius, "sword") were professional fighters in ancient Rome. Although these babies might not be the exact footwear those days but hey we do fight in the name of fashion no? Zipped at the back and creative strands of silver straps adorning your legs. So comfy with padded insoles! The sizing are pretty similar to local shoe store ie Vincci and Nose. Available in sizes 36 to 39. Priced at only


Photos: 1, 2
The Silver Symphony is an eccentric piece with very spacious compartment on the inside, lovely golden and silver dust swirly decoration on the windows and aww oh my god just look at the wheels and front, they look like eyes and mouth! We only have two pieces so be quick! The pricing is quite steep due to high quality material used for the outside and the insides of the bag. We've seen something similar sold at Pumpkin for quite the same price :) Priced liberatingly at:


Detail shot: 1
Don't you think this half sleeved leopard print cropped sweater just really reminds you of Tina Turner and Madonna in the 90's? Seriously funky right! We personally think this leopard print top would look so great with a white tank top and washed denim jeans. Made fully of cotton and this is sure one way to style up a simple day huh. You can also wear it off-shoulder for that extra smoldering cheekiness. Best fits UK4-UK8. (brown tank top is not included)

You know how we roll, email us or leave a comment with your email here! Thanks love ;)

The Shoplifters.

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