Vintage Wednesday V CLOSED!  

Hear ye hear ye! Once again for the fifth time our Vintage Wednesday brings on shockingly gorgeous antique and vintage ensembles for the feast of your eyes. What makes it extra special this time is that we carry 11 pieces as usual but 5 scrumptious dresses to be auctioned which means you put the price on the item you want and then the other 6 is at a fixed price! Wow wee!

Wait no longer, come and have a look! But only after you read this:


Bella Victoria

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Do you remember our Black Victorian Princess from Vintage Wednesday I? Well, this baby is the complete epitome of goodness from that dress! Old cameo head prints, dainty vintage button and exquisite neckline. What draws our eyes to this dress is of course the design of it, the ruched drapes was definitely a yes in our book! This dress has shoulder pads (as always for old vintage dresses). It's fully lined with silk on the inside, impeccable workmanship! Best fits for UK4-UK10.
RM55 RM25


Auction Items:

Fuschia Stone

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Let’s not get overly excited yeah, this dazzling fuchsia printed dress is just too special especially how the grey complements so well with the bright colors of fuchsia! Pleated chest and classic double flap collars, with pleated triangular piece that can be taken off and reveal your sexy cleavage! The cuffs and chest are adorned with the same grey vintage buttons. So lovely! This dress is made of high quality chiffon though it’s not sheer, it is fully lined. Best fits UK6-UK12 due to its large sizing.

Sue Mei Ling

Photos: 1, 2, 3
It seems like it’s almost every week that we carry a piece of polkadot dress or romper. Yes, as we’ve stressed out before, a polkadot attire is a classic must have in every girl’s wardrobe. No matter who you are, be it a Susan or a Sue Mei Ling polkadot attire never dies in any fashion era and keeps coming back, so come get one love! What’s so special for this piece of dress is that the Chinese neckline complemented with one single button with the same print, carefully soft gathered pleats on chest and skirts and not mention the fluttery sleeves. So reserved, so shy in it’s own way. Not to be fooled with the dark color of the dress, it’s actually made of high quality sheer chiffon which gives the option to the wearer to exercise her creativity, tonight pair it with a dark corset, tomorrow just daringly wear a lacy brassiere and slip skirt for cover-up. This dainty baby has a stretchable waist therefore even without the existence of belt one can still maintain that hourglass figure one always dream of in a dress. Best fits UK4 to UK10.
Bidding starts from RM20
Reem S - RM78

Jaded Brown

Photos: 1, 2, 3
Doesn’t Jaded Brown reminds you of your dad and grandpa’s songket? It looks so much the same no? What made us sold the first time we saw this coy baby are the fact that it combines dots and coquettish hues of gingham, and the rows of sphere buttons on the chest and cuff. How sweet! With plaid being so in this coming Fall 2008, this is the time stock up on one quite similar especially with this bashful dress you won’t look the same like everyone else! The neckline is quite simple yet classical. The material is high quality chiffon but it’s fully lined from top to bottom. Pair it with a belt under the same hue and you’re good to go! Best fits UK4-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM20.
Reem S - RM54

Cherry Blossom

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cherry Blossom is so special all you want to do is just stare at it all day long! It’s too sweet to encompass especially the ribbon at the neckline and cuff, and ruffled tier at the hem of the skirt. Not to forget, the one thing that made this baby looks so alive is the bubbly prints of multiple types of flowers adorning the whole dress. The skirt is the swing type which easily hides your curvy bootie and with a belt to emphasize the waist nothing can go wrong with this baby! The material is made of high quality chiffon, and fully lined under the skirt with pink rayon! Although the top part is not lined, it’s hardly sheer. Now, don’t you wanna take a stroll in the park with this baby? Best fits UK4-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM20.
Sarah Ze - RM60

Summer Cecil

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
This classy beige dress simply reminds us of Summer all over again. The lovely smart neckline is simply beautiful and what not to love about the lovely twigs and luminous hues of yellow and red daffodils garnishing the whole ensemble. Once again cuffed sleeves which complements so well with the neckline of the dress. Summer Cecil is made of high quality stretchable cotton jersey and hey pairing it with a modern waist cincher simply elevate it a notch, don’t you agree? Best fits with UK4-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM20.
Farrah E - RM50

Royal Indigo

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Royal Indigo is so regal we feel the need to bow down in front of the wearer. It left us out of breath over how beautiful this sophisticated smart dress is that we can say no more but just kept staring at the photos of it. The actual color of the flowery twigs are actually beige, what a perfect combination of colors! The neckline is adorned with adjustable ribbons and the buttons falls down to under your waist. This baby looks very classy in it’s own way. Especially made with stretchable jersey cotton, the dress has a straight cut therefore it should fit UK4-UK10. Chic, no?
Bidding starts from RM20.
Farah Y - RM55

Fixed Priced Items:

Simple Anna

Photos: 1, 2, 3
Simple Anna comes with a belt with the same fabricated print, plastic buckles as the same with it’s mod-ly aligned plastic buttons. The neck and sleeve has the same cross-stitch work with the same black threads. The monotone colors simply calls out for you, especially due to the lovely falling leaves covering the whole dress. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Ainun N - RM50

Golden Hallie

Photos: 1, 2, 3
Now Golden Hallie certainly did make Shoplifter Ami danced like a cowgirl the first time she tried it on. The fully pleated skirt is just to die for! Ribboned collar, square pocket on the chest and lovely lovely buttons of the same golden brown is simply marvelous! What with the unique prints that shines on certain lighting, it spells connoisseur for us . This baby is made of high quality chiffon with no sheerness at all but still, it’s fully lined. It even comes with an extra button just in case you lost one. This brilliant golden dress would best fits UK6-UK10, pair it with a gold chain belt and you’re good to go! (Don't be fooled by the small waist of our model, she wears a very tight belt around her bodice)
Nareez Frou Frou - RM65

Gray Damsel

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
The subtle hues of grey and ash with the grandma-ish print of Japanese flowers is simply unique. We most certainly love the bell sleeves of this dress and the 70s collar. Made with high quality chiffon, it is fully lined on the inside and complemented with golden plastic buttons. Would best fits UK6-UK12 due to the straight cutting of the dress.
Farah F - RM50

Squared Daisies

Photos: 1, 2
We’re actually very much in love with the subtle squared texture on the dress. With the main color is pastel sea-foam, it is beautifully embellished with lovely pastel hues of yellow, silver and turquoise flowers. So sweet! The half sleeve is just perfect if you are planning to wear it to work to simply stand out in the crowd. Pair it with a vibrant yellow belt for more fun or a simple skinny baby blue belt to look more demure. The chest is adorned with rows of brassy gold buttons and the neckline is simply unique, almost diamond cut if you look closely. It’s made of chiffon but it is fully lined, so nothing to worry about. Best fits UK8-UK14 due to its large sizing.
Safina O - RM55

Anddd just to show you off our range of lovely dresses,

Paisley Maroon
Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
No words can describe this lovely baby, perfect cutting, perfect length, and perfect paisley print.
Alas, it belongs to Shoplifter Schuhz now ;)

Gold Diamone

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
We think you can understand the smirk on Shoplifter Ami’s face. This unique baby now belongs to her ;)

Prude Pastela

Photos: 1, 2, 3
Vibrant floral maxi pinafore, certainly Shoplifter Tina could not resist saying yes to this. Therefore it's hers now :) (This looks almost the same Nasty Gal's May Flower Shift Dress!)

Do remember we bring you only the best, with high quality materials. So, why look anywhere else other than us? :P

حظ سعيد
The Shoplifters.

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