Heyho sassy readers!

How was your Eidulfitri celebration? Must've collected an abundance of raya angpow yeah? Good for you then, we had a blast on Raya as well and pretty much enjoyed our week off to the max. Not to mention with all the Raya cuisines, one can not blame us if we gained a few kilos? We kid, we kid!

Anyways, before the day is over we'd like to announce once again that we this week's Neue Fashion episode will not be produced due to our tight schedules. Even during holidays, we're pretty busy people mind you. Worry not though! Vintage Wednesday will be published as usual. So keep that Raya angpows tucked safely and be on the ready for this week's vintage items this Wednesday. We promise you, an update will be published before noon of 13th October 2008.

Sneak preview image? Oh dear, pardon us for this minor mishap for we have forgotten to prepare a sneak preview image. Alas, esok kan masih ada ;)

So come back tomorrow, we'll update this same entry with a sneak preview image of our coming Vintage Wednesday episode 9. Exciting much? UPDATED! Oh there's actually more than what is pictured..

Oh by the way, we have a very interesting project coming up soon. For now, we're keeping the secret to ourselves :)

Munching munchkins,
The Shoplifters.

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