Dear diary,

There are so many events we had to pass due to our busy schedules, as some of you might know one of is a uni student and the other two are career women. Unfortunately we ran out of hands to handle offline events when one of us has to work on saturdays all week of October and the fashion students needs to sit for her exam. Bummer rite? We hope we can join in more offline events in November.

As for Vintage Wednesdays, since it has already reached it's 10th cycle. We're planning to start a new system this week, kind of like the start of a new season. The new system will benefit a lot of our customers ehem! That's all we're gonna say, if you're wondering what's all the fuss about just log into our shop on Wednesday :)

We've got something for your feets to wear tomorrow (hopefully), and there's one other item not in the picture but this sneak preview image sums up what we're gonna put on sale tomorrow for Neue Fashion at much affordable prices:

Stay tuned, see you tomorrow!

p/s: expect eyelets, paisleys, chiffons and all kinds of garments for vintage wednesdays! anddd .... ehehehehehe.

The Shoplifters.

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