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  1. First come first serve basis. The only rule for Neue Fashion :D

Satin Glam Maxi

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This lovely satin maxi dress has a halter neck which you can tie the straps to the back into a cute ribbon. Seductively sexy with the silhouette of the neck and back nicely covered in glamorous satin. The vibrant colors of flowers adorning the maxi dress is not too busy or full so it will not makes you appear drowned in a bouquet of flowers. Best fits UK6-UK10.

Ruffled Heart Knit Top

This super cute top is made of high quality knitted cotton complemented with ruffles and heart shaped buttons. This top looks like what exactly Topshop is carrying. Pair it with a pair of skirt or plain jeans and a scarf, there you're good to go! Best fits UK4-UK8. Comes in black, baby yellow & white.

Stripey Slouchey

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This striped top comes with a detachable scarf of it's own! Uber cute with a two pockets down at the front and trimmed. It can be worn with a pair of leggings, or shorts or on it's own! This is the pair of casual mini dress you'd like to own to wear on lazy days when all you wanna do is walk to that mapley behind the house and have a cuppa coffee. Material is stretchable cotton and they best fits UK6-UK10. Comes in 4 colours, Black, Blue, Grey & Brown.

Drapey Vest

Pictures: 1, 2
This drapey vest is hottest item of the season! You can make it slouch over your shoulders on colder days or gather them and have it as a slinky scarf vest. Plus we're giving away the white shirt for free! Great deal huh, it's made of stretchable cotton and will able to fit up to UK10.
This baby comes in two colours, grey & blue. Oh the vest are detachable ;)

Modern Batik Dress

This lovely demure dress is made of high quality cotton, pleated at the chest & back and adorned with magnificient modern batik Indonesian print. It is long sleeved, perfect for a meet-up with the boyfriend's mother or a casual outing with the officemates. Love the square neckline, which shows just enough cheekiness without being overboard. Best fits UK4-UK10 & comes in green & purple color.

The footwear we talked about did not arrive on time, therefore perhaps that one are for next week :)

The Shoplifters.

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