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  • First come, first serve basis. Read, House Rules on the sidebar.
  • Statement shoes not restockable, killer leggings are restockable but in limited quantities.

Zolten Metallic Leggings

Photo credit:Vivienne Tam Fall 2008 Ready-To-Wear (
-Stretchable cotton latex with metallic sheen, opaque!

-zolten gold
- zolten silver
-zolten grey star
-zolten light noir // SOLD!

Zolten Glossy Leggings

Photo credit: Daryl K Fall 2007 RTW & Hackerman Fall 2007 RTW (
- Glossy slightly stretchable cotton leggings.
- Step On: Suitable for 1.56m height and below, petite!

-zolten flash // SOLD
-zolten step-on dark // SOLD
-zolten step-on silver

Mary Jane Muireen

Made of high quality PVC, heels 3 inches. Sizes are similar to Vincci/Nose.

Killian Perforated Ankle Boots

Perforated canvas-like material, with cool black trimmings & ribbon strap at the back. The heels is 1.5 inches. Actual color is dark grey. Sizes are similar to Vincci/Nose.

Étaín T-Bar Heels
Made of quality PVC, the heels is 3 inches same as our famous Larisa!
Two sets of colors, Black Dominates or White Dominates. Sizes are similar to Vincci/Nose.

Étaín Black Dominates
Size 36 / 5
Size 37 / 6
Size 38 / 7
Size 39 / 8 // SOLD

Étaín White Dominates
Size 36 / 5
Size 37 / 6
Size 38 / 7
Size 39 / 8 // SOLD

For those who wants to order on Zolten restock please mail us ;)

Trivial: The names are from Irish origins- Killian means fierce, Étaín means shining, Muireen means “fair like the sea”, and Zolten.. well it sounds cool dontcha think?

Fiercer than fierce,
The Shoplifters.

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