Vintage Wednesday IX  

For the first-timers, you are encourage to read our bidding guide as there are a lot of questions can be answered here:

For those who are already familiar with our style just because you guys are avid readers, we salute you! Thank you so much for staying with us all these while. We've decided to put up a BUY-IT-NOW (BIN) price for those who are not much of a fan of the bidding concept.

If the auction price goes higher than the BIN price.. well what more can we say, good job! And if it doesn't, oh well we'll still gleefully give it to the highest bidder. Alritey, auction ends on Friday 2:30pm. Be quick, email us with your orders/bid prices!


Sailor Chic

Sailor Chic has a puffed up top with attached A-line skirt. The waist has a stretchable waistband with a long ribbon strap to control it. The top is very high quality cotton, we're surprised it's vintage! While the skirt is 100% polyester. Rows of jelly buttons on the back and gold vintage sailor buttons on the sleeves. Best fits UK8-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM15.
BIN: RM55 RM45

Star-Trek Trooper

High quality mixed nylon dress, completely lined. Rare design indeed huh? Brown plastic buttons on the cuff sleeves. Still in perfect condition. Best fits UK6-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM15.
BIN: RM55 RM40

Mod Spring

Lovely mustard flowers with turqoise background. The dress is rather large for the model itself, it would best fits a large UK8 to bootylicious UK12. The back is rather interesting with a small string for you tie up at the back of the nape. Long zipper at the back, textured mixed rayon material. (Belt not included)
Bidding starts from RM10.
BIN: RM45 RM30

Purple Vertical

Awesome purple jacket and skirt adorned with bluish lines. The jacket & skirt can be worn separately. Made of 100% quality cotton. Check out the flare of the jacket, cool! The skirt's waist best fits a 26" waist, if larger you can use it as a high waisted skirt as it is loose straight cut. Jacket best fits UK6-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM15 (for whole outfit).
BIN Jacket: RM40 RM35
BIN Skirt: RM35 RM30
BIN Purple Vertical: RM60 rm30

Demure Lydia

Cute sundress with V neckline complemented with sweet English flower prints on the chest and skirts and small buds of flowers all over the dress. Long zipper at the back. High quality chiffon with lining underneath. Best fits UK6-UK10.
BIN- RM40 RM25

Monochrome Paisley

Slightly sheer chiffon material, but very lovely paisley prints. Complete with a stretchable waistband, you don't even need to wear a belt over this! Loving the soft pleats on the chest and skirt. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM15.
Mardiana - RM50 RM40

Feline Lover

High quality chiffon dress adorned with mini triangles prints and panthers leaping through them. Cute dark blue vintage buttons with gold trim on the chest. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM15.
Joyce KinkyBlueFairy - RM60 RM45

Miss Check-out

Light green checkered dress with buttons on the chest. Collared, quality cotton mixed polyester material. You don't need a belt to wear it, but accessorizing is important no? Best fits UK6 to a large UK8. (Belt not included)
Bidding starts from RM15.
Azlin B - RM15

Sporty Spotted

High quality mixed rayon dress with awesome V neckline. The prints are reverberated dots complemented with subtle stripes on the neck and vertically aligned on the skirt. Bat-wing sleeves with stretchable waistband! Best fits UK6-UK10. (Buckle of belt is broken but will include the belt in package as well)
Sharon C - RM50 RM40

Mocha Crop Jacket

Gold vintage buttons on the chest and cuff sleeves. Infact there's three buttons on each sleeve! Fake pockets, slightly puffed shoulder. High quality cotton material. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Meng MY - RM50

Dainty Maria

Sheer chiffon with sweet tassels on the neckline and sleeves. The dress has a straight cutting, full pleated skirts. We suggest you to wear slips underneath :). Best fits UK4-UK10. (Belt not included)
Tinie - RM50

Green Antiqua Maxi

Straight cutting maxi dress, falls on the ankle of our 1.64m model. Lovely antique prints with green and orange hues. Material is chiffon. Best fits UK6-UK12. (Belt not included)
Christine L - RM55

Prairie Damsel

Very soft pastel colored dress, bubble sleeves with a small sash for you to tie to the back. This looks so country to us, loving the patch-up prints. Material is cotton. Best fits UK6-UK10.
Byezura - RM38

Maroon Fall

Slightly stretchable polyester dress adorned with grey falling leaves. Very demure with the simple neckline, gold vintage button on the cuff sleeves and soft pleats on the skirt. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Byezura - RM50

Striped Sandy

Striped Sandy is actually a combination of salmon & beige strips, monotone multi sized polka dots. Made of light chiffon, completely lined. Mod buttons on the chest, super light and wearable for day or night. Best fits UK6-UK10. (If you've seen this before, Shoplifter Schuhz has kept it in her closet and did not wear it at all hence it's back on the shop and belt not included)
Sarah Z - RM50

Chic Audrey

Made from 100% polyester with accetate lining inside. Adorable keyhole at the back with a white button. Made in Guatemala as the tag says. Much suitable for ladies of sizes UK8-UK10.
Melly GreenLaundry - RM50

Mint Garden

Lovely roses adorning all over the mint dress. Quality textured cotton with mod-ly aligned buttons, pink trimmings on the chest and neckline. Best fits UK4-UK10. (Belt not included)
Neo WL - RM50

Royal Tulip

Remember Royal Paisley and Royal Indigo? This has the lovely similarities of those dresses. Slightly stretchable jersey cotton, 3/4 sleeve, buttons all the way down with a little cinch on the waist. Sweetly adorned with white tulips. Best fits UK6-UK8. (Belt not included)
Najyah - RM58

Diligent Jewel

Soft pastel hues of lavender and moss with busy paisley prints adorning the whole dress. Comes with it's own vintage belt with purple iron buckle. Material is high quality chiffon. Best fits UK6-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM15.
Seyra - RM50

Fuschia Stone

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Let’s not get overly excited yeah, this dazzling fuchsia printed dress is just too special especially how the grey complements so well with the bright colors of fuchsia! Pleated chest and classic double flap collars, with pleated triangular piece that can be taken off and reveal your sexy cleavage! The cuffs and chest are adorned with the same grey vintage buttons. So lovely! This dress is made of high quality chiffon though it’s not sheer, it is fully lined. Best fits UK6-UK12 due to its large sizing.
Bidding starts from RM10.
BIN: RM40 RM30
Available pieces from previous Vintage Wednesdays, up for bids!

80's Red Jacket

This red bad-ass jacket is made of viscose rayon, lined with rayon on the inside. The double rows of gold vintage buttons is what attracts us to this jacket. It would look a little large on a UK4 ala the model, therefore this attire would best fits UK6-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM15.
BIN: RM50 RM40

Mocha Maxi

This long maxi dress falls just right beneath the model's ankle. Very sexy with the side slits on both sides of the dress . Zipper at the back and oriental neckline. This dress is slightly stretchable, we suspect it's a mixture of rayon and polyester. Quite a contrary from the usual maxi dresses that you've seen right? Of course, a vintage is always an exclusive! Best fits UK4-UK8.
Bidding starts from: RM15

Fun Tuxerina
Photos: 1, 2, 3
What a fun looking dress isn't it? Especially with the large tuxedo inspired chest and the big blue polkadots on the dress. One can't deny from having this in their closet rite? It's fully made of cotton with a stretchable cinched waist. Best fits UK8-UK12.
Bidding starts from: RM10.
BIN: RM40 RM35

Painted Rainbow
Photos: 1, 2, 3
This dress has really vibrant paintings of flowers and leaves, the background is actually pearly white in color. It has a straight cutting but that can be fixed with a belt to emphasize your bootie. The material is harsh thin cotton but worry not it's not sheer. Due to it's large size, this baby would fit UK8-UK14.
Bidding starts from RM10.
BIN: RM40 RM35

Funky Silvia
Photos: 1, 2, 3
This silver jacket need no other introduction for those who have seen or touch it at the Midnight Sale. It is tagged size L, we think it must've been a man's jacket but hey a lady can wear it too rite? Very 80's. Now who wants a silver jacket say aye!
Bidding starts from: RM10.
BIN: RM45 RM35

Bella Victoria

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Do you remember our Black Victorian Princess from Vintage Wednesday I? Well, this baby is the complete epitome of goodness from that dress! Old cameo head prints, dainty vintage button and exquisite neckline. What draws our eyes to this dress is of course the design of it, the ruched drapes was definitely a yes in our book! This dress has shoulder pads (as always for old vintage dresses). It's fully lined with silk on the inside, impeccable workmanship! Best fits for UK4-UK10.
Bidding starts from RM10.
BIN: RM55 RM40

Vintage Shades

Liana K - RM15

For those who want to BIN, item will go to those who make the fastest to seal the deal. Thank you so much. About that little secret project that we talked about earlier, well click here to know more about The Shoplifter's Leftovers. Not many items now, well wait till we got time to snap around and you'll be surprised. Don't forget to bookmark or subscribe to our updates!

p/s: Check this out! Much love to A Shopaholic's Den and Diary of An E-Shopaholic!

Warm hugs,
The Shoplifters.

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