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We've come to the end of the season, episode 10 on Vintage Wednesday. More varieties this time, so be quick!

  1. Fixed price, becomes an auction if there's more than one buyer interested. Minimum increment for bidding is RM3, the bigger the digits the better :P. Therefore if it's tagged RESERVED, don't be afraid. Mail us for bidding!
  2. All items are vintage, one piece only which means not restockable. Get them today or regret tomorrow. Worry not, from the start till now most of our vintage attires are sent to the laundry for washing, cleaning & ironing. They'll come perfectly packaged to your doorstep.
  3. Oh yeah, we're offering free registered posting this week.
Purple Love

High quality textured rayon with subtle dots and mint green checks adorning the dress. The buttons were missing so we replace it with vintage-inspired gold buttons. There's pockets on the chest, will add buttons on the pocket if requested. Best fits UK6-UK10.
RM50 RM25

Sweet Keira

Cut-out roses and fallen leaves on the chest & sleeves. Picture of the sleeve will be mailed if requested. Jelly pearl buttons and sweet neckline. Length of top is same as Dotted Suzie (below). Made of quality cotton, slightly sheer. Best fits UK4-UK8.

Lovely Lucy

Laced collar, lightly textured cotton material with sweet bouqeuts of turqoise and lavender flowers. The length of this top is the same as Dotted Suzie. Best fits UK4-UK8.

Romance Paris Bag

Named as the tag name. Still in good condition, could possibly be leather we're not sure. Long handles and three large compartments inside, one zipped.

Japanese Bunny Leap

The print is too cute to pass! Click on the image and drool all over it. It's purely quilted and lovely lining on the inside. Perfect to be used as a college bag or as a handy bag.

Vintage Sherlock Holmes Detective Bag

Leather, complete with a pocket for Mr Holmes's umbrella. Quite spacious!

Vintage Belts
Definitely not for fussy buyers.


High quality cotton with full lining on the dress. Rows of buttons at the back, cuffed waist and slightly merry poofy on the top. Oh yeah, swingin' skirt! Best fits UK6-UK10.

Radiant Aislin

Sweet chiffon, sheer on top but lined on the skirt. All the buttons were deformed when we got it therefore replaced with vintage inspired gold buttons. Vibrant colors complementing the whole dress, straps on the neck to tie up as ribbon. Butterfly sleeves. Best fits UK4-UK10.

Blue Victoria

Made of chiffon, fully lined on the skirt. Lovely prints on the hem of skirt and cuffs and mini victorian prints all over the dress. Oriental neckline with a plastic baby blue button and a long zipper at the front. Cool! Best fits UK6-UK10.

Dotted Suzie

Laced collar, cute polkadots all over the top. Made of quality cotton. Pair it with a skinny jeans or high waisted skirt. Best fits UK4-UK8.
Afifah - RM23

Chaperon Clutch

Not leather, one single large compartment. Perfect as a clutch or as a make-up bag.
Nur Su - RM25

Mini Flags Top

Button down vintage top, cute mini flags in red, blue & mint in color! Made of high quality cotton, best fits UK4 to a small UK8.
Nana - RM23

Plaid Vintage Sweater

High quality textured cotton, no lining inside but it's comfortable enough. Plastic old zipper on the chest and pockets. Ribbed at the waist & cuff. Tagged size S, best fits UK4-UK10. Has the similarities of Topshop's Print Check Biker Jacket
Sorry, Shoplifter Ami decides she can't part with this find!

Changed her mind! Fickle-minded, pfft. Selling lower as compensation:
Dizzy - RM50

Coy Abigail

Pastel orange with grey swirly deco. Lovely sweet pleats on the chest and skirt, buttons on the sleeves and chest. High quality cotton, with full lining at the skirt. Best fits UK6-UK10.
Naomi - RM50

Jack Paisley

High quality rayon made jacket/dress. Maroon trimmings on the sleeve and cuff and along the lines of the buttons. Button are only till mid thighs, best worn with a pants underneath. Princessy poofy sleeves. Very lovely brown paisley prints.
Froufrou Shikin - RM72
Syara - RM75

Percy Daisy

Made of sheer chiffon, fully lined on the skirt. Button down to the waist, very lovely and vibrant hues of orange, white and green against blue background. Uber sweet indeed. Best fits UK4-UK10.
Reen - RM50

Sunny Kaitlyn

Lovely chiffon made dress with lime green ornaments and trimmed at the button rows to the neckline. Quite sheer on top but fully line on the skirt. Very airy and chirpy! Best fits UK6-UK10.
Naomi - RM50

Cream Crocheted Bag

In perfect condition, full crocheted back and front but with sturdy pleather bottom and handle.
Two small compartments inside the bag.
Lisa G - RM27

Ethnic Print

Vibrant hues of ethnic print, double zipper compartment at the back. Velvety material.
Ms Azzah - RM19

tous les meilleurs,
The Shoplifters.

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