D-I-Y Thursday III  


Rubbery plastic measuring tape, length is 15inches not including the key holder. The key holder has a spring lock to secure your name card or keys. The main prints can be either in inches or centimeters. Available in:

Original (B&W) - Inches x 2, Centimeters x 2
White Red - Inches
(1 sold, 1 last piece available!) , Centimeters x 2
Flash Green - Inches x 2, Centimeters x 2

Shocking Pink - Inches x 2, Centimeters x 2
Old School Yellow - Inches x 2, Centimeters
(1 sold, 1 last piece available!)
Sky Blue - Inches x 2, Centimeters x 2

Only at RM8 shipped!

Original (B&W) - Eggie(paid), Faulty(cm, paid)
White Red -
Flash Green - Eggie(paid)

Shocking Pink -Eggie(paid)
Old School Yellow -
Gee(sold), Eggie(paid)
Sky Blue -Faulty(inch, paid)

Accepting request for remake, but please be patient. Ami the DIY girl is juggling two jobs at a time. Please state your name, contact number, color of choice & print of choice for orders :)

Do take note these are not for carrying heavy items, just tag names or ID cards. Imperfections comes naturally with DIYs.

p/s: Restock items for Fedora & Jersey Cardigan has arrived. Please proceed to make your payment asap.

The Shoplifters.

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