Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 11,  

Hello people!

We attended Eco Film Fest under Bijou Bazaar and we had a blast! Most of all, because of the tender caring Bijou sisters, Maryam & Iwan G. We love 'em both! We know they did work really hard and they deserve all the credit they can get (Sorry for accidentally shoplifted your chair :P).

Apart from that, we also get to meet our customers in person & other shop owners whom we've been avidly shopping from (not a surprise that the shoplifters are indeed shopaholics rite rite?). Anyways, as for Monday Monsieur we successfully sold out our stocks of plaid jacket before it get a chance to be portrayed on the blog!

A bit on the bitter side, Vintage Wednesday will be taking a break from all the vintage hype till further notice. And Neue Fashion 12 will be postponed to next week. be posted as usual! Sneak preview:

ALSO probably a sale is coming soon..

Dumm dee dumm, watch this space tomorrow!

p/s: Monday Monsieur first entry coming up in a short while.

Mucho love,
The Shoplifters

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