Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 13,  

G'day people!

All we can say is that we had fun at U.O.X Play, thanks to Dee the Zookeeper, thanks to Wynn for willing to be our model for the street fashion show (should've jumped in the bandwagon & join the fashion show ourselves), thanks to everybody who popped by just to say hello and gave their supports. Peeps, we love you!

We are indeed still very tired from the event but hey every minute counts so here's a sneak preview image of tomorrow's Neue Fashion:

Okay we actually want to rant about late payments & gone-with-the-wind buyers, it would be really swell if somehow in the midst between payment to close a deal you have decided you do not need the item, or the money has gone to something more important it is crucial for you to let us know so that atleast we can open up the item for other people. Like a friend use to say, "duit boleh cari, tapi masa siapa nak ganti?". Time are wasted away waiting for a simple deal to closed up, and in the end the product has become somewhat stale and no longer wanted by anyone. Do understand, we are running a business. Time is as important to as the air that we breathe, if you want to cancel on a buy, please do so within 48hours. Please don't make us wait for two weeks before dropping the bomb on us, we feel very bitter when that happens. Yes yes, our bad when we stated payment is due within 48 hours or reservation will be canceled and yet we do not cancel those reservation simply because we'd like to be a lil bit lenient and accomodating to our customers. Perhaps, they're busy, perhaps they're out of town. We wonder and wonder after no replies were received. Le sigh`.

From now on, all reservation will be put on a list at the sidebar along with dates & time of reservation made. Easier for us and the customers to view :)

Alritey, Happy Monday.. Monday Monsieur III will come up soon!

The Shoplifters.

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