Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 14,  

Hello peeps,

Last weekend was like any other weekend, busy going from here to there to nowhere. Picking up stuffs, making new stuffs, confirming on stocks, photoshoots and oh well the list never seems to end! Anyways, our NF Girl is out of the country so we the ones who are left behind are hoping that she'll bring home good stuffs heh :P

Sneak preview image for Neue Fashion 14 will be up as usual once we get things sorted out. We got so much stuffs this time ranging from designer inspired bags, heels, tops, paisley minidresses, vintage inspired skirts, bubble sleeved cardigans and so on! So look-out for this entry as the image will be uploaded later today.

Apart from that, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to those who supported us and made immediate custom-orders (and payment ehem!) for our hot badd-ass jewellery in the making, The Bellatrix - Leathearette Fringe Necklace. Do be patient however as our lil designer only has a pair of scrawny hands and eyes to make those orders. Worry not, the more attention & time she spends on each order the more awesome it will turn out to be.

Alrighty, Monday Monsieur IV will be up in a jiffy!

Monday blues,
The Shoplifters

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