Neue Fashion 12 pt. II  

Hello, we have a mini surprise for you! Remember our Drapey Vest which was sold out within minutes? Here's another similar version of it with but of course with a twist of it's own.

Knitted Slouchey Vest

It's finely knitted to our own amazement, adorned with rows of buttons and you can wear it front to back, back to front. Awesome man! The collar is also rather versatile as demonstrated by the model. Plus, it has double pockets on each side! Comes in four colors; Black, White, Blue & Grey.
Best fits:
Size UK4 - UK6 if you wear it fully buttoned (back/front)
Size UK4 - UK12 if you only use one button (back/front)
Due to its amazing knitted quality, we're pricing it at:

Don't forget, we still have stuffs at Monday Monsieur I for the men's & one more leopard back leather vest (LAST PIECE!) up for grabs. Quick!

Sneaky cats,
The Shoplifters.

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