Neue Fashion 12 pt. I  

  1. First come first serve basis ;)

Faux Leather Leopard Vest

Faux leather with furry-ish textured leopard print back vest, wowza! You don't need to go over the hill for this item. Just pair it with a simple white tank-top or a chiffon over the shoulder bloom top and you're good to go! It has a faux slit pocket at the front, and a faux semi belt at the back. The buttons are furreal though ;). Best fits UK4 to a small UK10. Comes in 3 colours; black, cocoa & brown. Back of Cocoa Vest is the same as Brown Vest.

Suede Fringe Chain Link Bag

You guys know we're all over the fringe phase, covering them from top to bottom. So here's another suede fringe bag with gold plated chain link straps. Awesome retro printed lining, and it can also turn into a shoulder bag, quite flexible we must say. Available in black, cocoa & brown. For this adorable thing, it's only:

Don't forget, we still have stuffs at Monday Monsieur I for the men's. Get them for your dad & boyfriend!

The Shoplifters.

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