Neue Fashion 13 / SOLD OUT  

  1. First come first serve.
  2. Reservation is allowed for first 48hours only, if not it will be canceled and goes to the next interested person.

Cotton Candie Cardi

Batwing sleeved cardi attached with a halter tanktop. Made of soft cotton, uber comfortable! It also has wooden buttons with ruched front and a V neck. Specially made for those dress-down days ;). Available in Beige, Black, Green & White. Best fits UK4-UK10.

Zolten Leopard Leggings

With all the leopard print raves, now someone has to get these pair to keep themselves up-to-date am i right or am i right? Made of high quality stretchable lycra cotton, 100% opaque.
Model is also wearing our Leyna Fringe Boots.


Amazingly heavy knitted beret or some calls it a beanie. Eitherway this is another way to cover up those bad hair days, just use a beanie and voila, instantly chic!

Zolten Glossy Gold Leggings

Glossy gold leggings, man you gotta have this in your wardrobe! Glossy type of material, stretchable. (Restockable depending on demands)

Zolten Plaid Skinnies

Remember our colorful Checkered Leggings? It was one of our hot selling items! Now we bring in it's sister the plaid leggings/skinnies. We actually have it in; Maroon, Brown, White, Blue-ish Green however Maroon & Brown was snatched even before we could take a photo of it. Made of high quality stretchable cotton, complete with a zipper near the ankle. Best fits UK4 up to a small UK10. Restockable depending on demands.
Model is also wearing our Étaín Black Dominates (T-bar heels)

Slouchy Scarf Vest

A resurrection of our Knitted Slouchy Vest & Drapey Vest, both were hot selling items, finished within minutes. This set is a pretty simple piece for you to spunk up a simple tee, wear it over your shorts or tank top. Put that candies in the pockets. Button it to the front or back, you choose! Made of stretchable cotton, will be able to fit up to UK12.

The Shoplifters.

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