Neue Fashion Sale 02  

The last time we had Neue Fashion Sale 01 was on 26th August 2008. That's like ages ago! So it's time for a sequel! As you guys know, we stock-up items EVERY single week without fail for the past 4 months (exception for Aidilfitri & Deepavali), therefore it is utterly important for any transactions for the previous week to be completed atleast by end of each week so that we can buy new stocks and keep the business going. Alas, sometimes late buyers or missing customers are inevitable so the stock we kept has become a liability. So, liability? Not good, must get rid and create balance for account = CLEARANCE!

Satin Glam Maxi

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This lovely satin maxi dress has a halter neck which you can tie the straps to the back into a cute ribbon. Seductively sexy with the silhouette of the neck and back nicely covered in glamorous satin. The vibrant colors of flowers adorning the maxi dress is not too busy or full so it will not makes you appear drowned in a bouquet of flowers. Best fits UK6-UK10.

Zolten Metallic Leggings


Étaín T-Bar Heels

Made of quality PVC, the heels is 3 inches same as our famous Larisa!
Two sets of colors, Black Dominates or White Dominates. Sizes are similar to Vincci/Nose.


Ruffled Viola

Ruffled Viola has sweet ruffles hemmed with soft zig zag lace same as the sleeves and chest line. It is fully made of high quality cotton. Perfect for office wear, just imagine wearing it with a pair of high waisted skirt, or to spunk it up a lil just pair it with a tight jeans and tweed jacket. Nyum, preppy punk? This top would best fit UK4-UK8.

Jenny's Ponytail

Jennys's Ponytail is made of breezy light cotton with small twirls of braid bordering on the chest to sleeves and also as a ribbon string on the front chest. The chest is complemented with pearly white buttons and thin pleats. You can wear it with a high waisted skirt, a pair of shorts and even under an office jacket with and A line skirt. Sweet deal huh? We have one for each color, Sweet Corn, Hot Fuschia, Black Noa & Popsicle Coral. This cotton top is made to look like a two piece top when instead it's one! It best fits UK4 up to UK10. Priced at surprisingly low:
RM35 RM10


Don't let the models scare you. They think they're Kate 'Shuznit' Moss & Scarlett 'Tino' Johanson. These striped bows dress are so versatile you can match it up with anything and you'll still stand out in the crowd. The material is cotton jersey which is stretchable and it's rather cooling when worn on hot days. It best fits even the smallest UK4 to the bootylicious UK10.


This grey Goddess Gown is a perfect dinner attire what with the fine embroidery, silk sash and halter neck. Definitely will accentuate all the right curves on your sexy bod. Look at the full skirt swinging, don't that just wanna make you dance dance dance? The gown is made of cotton, perfect! Also included with rayon lining for extra coverage ;) Sizes available are S & M which could easily translated to a size UK6-UK10? However we only have one set per size. Grab em quick!

Ruffled Heart Knit Top

This super cute top is made of high quality knitted cotton complemented with ruffles and heart shaped buttons. This top looks like what exactly Topshop is carrying. Pair it with a pair of skirt or plain jeans and a scarf, there you're good to go! Best fits UK4-UK8. Comes in black, baby yellow & white.

Roaring Tina

Detail shot: 1
Don't you think this half sleeved leopard print cropped sweater just really reminds you of Tina Turner and Madonna in the 90's? Seriously funky rite! We personally think this leopard print top would look so great with a white tank top and washed denim jeans. Made fully of cotton and this is sure one way to style up a simple day huh. You can also wear it off-shoulder for that extra smoldering cheekiness. Best fits UK4-UK8. (brown tank top is not included)

Silver Gladius

Gladiators (Latin: gladiatōrēs, "swordsmen" or "one who uses a sword," from gladius, "sword") were professional fighters in ancient Rome. Although these babies might not be the exact footwear those days but hey we do fight in the name of fashion no? Zipped at the back and creative strands of silver straps adorning your legs. So comfy with padded insoles! The sizing are pretty similar to local shoe store ie Vincci and Nose. Available in sizes 36 to 39. Priced at only

Silver Symphony Mobile Bag

Photos: 1, 2
If Robbie Williams named his ride as Twelve Cylinder Symphony, well we're naming Silver Symphony for our own ride! Very spacious compartment on the inside, lovely golden and silver dust swirly decoration on the windows and aww oh my god just look at the wheels and front, they look like eyes and mouth! We only have two pieces so be quick! The pricing is quite steep due to high quality material used for the outside and the insides of the bag. We've seen something similar sold at Pumpkin for quite the same price :) Priced liberatingly at:

The Shoplifters

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