Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 15,  

*cracks knuckles*

Good day readers,

Sorry to say we're not gonna have a sneak preview image for NF15 today (well, maybe later in the evening) but we can still tell you what we're gonna showcase tomorrow;

  • Drop Crotch Jumpsuit
  • Face Print Tunic (Remember YSL hippy collections for Twiggy?)
  • Velveteen Stud Vest
  • Slanted Futuristic Top
  • Tribal Waistcincher, Overlap Waistcincher
  • anddddddddddd our Muse Bag restock! Only available in Cream White, other colors were pre-booked even before we confirm on restock.
Anyways, last week was very much tiring for all three of us. We are all very much sleep deprived therefore a lil bit more or less wonky than normal. Well, we're normally wonky anyhoos. Hope you guys are fine however!

Alrite, Monday Monsieur will be up and about before 1pm. Thanks!

p/s: For those who are pending on payment, please proceed to do so with much love & care from us.

The Shoplifters,

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