Neue Fashion 15 pt II  

Slanted Futurist Top
This interesting top is made of mixed cotton with a slight shimmer -- very silky effect. What's so amazing about is that it has an awesome cutting and design on the collar and slightly slanted positioning of the buttons. The shoulder are pleated and it also comes with a thin patent belt. The back has a loop hole for you to insert the belt. It looks amazing with just about anything, it also functions well as a jacket! There's a slit pocket on the left side, and a large pleated pocket on the right side, coolness. This piece will best fit UK4 to a small UK10.
We have it in Glimmer Black, Silky Beige, Amethyst Maroon and Pure Purple.

Silky Beige

Silky Beige // AVAILABLE!

Pure Purple

Pure Purple // AVAILABLE

Amethyst Maroon

Amethyst Maroon // SOLD Liana N

Glimmer Black

Glimmer Black // SOLD Cynthia O

RM48 --> RM30 each!

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The Shoplifters

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