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Drop Crotch Jumpsuit

Made of high quality jersey cotton, supremely stretchable therefore will fit up to UK12 (model is a petite 1.56m UK6 sized girl). Best worn with a belt, suspender is detachable on the front. Drop crotch is the new IT item of the season, instead of bringing it in as pants, we bring you a jumpsuit. Similar to those seen at Topshop, also seen on the Muff Stit x Stesha Ho collection ;). Use your creativity and wear a loose top with the drop crotch pants. The length of the pants are to ankle length, adjustable cuff. RESTOCKABLE depending on demands.

Face Art Tunic

Satin tunic with a painted face art, bold red lips of a lady and piercing eyes. You don't need anything else to make your attire stand out, just this and bits of confidence. This is certainly something Yves Saint Laurent would love in his artsy fashion collection. Puffy sleeved. Best fits UK4-UK10.

Overlap Waistcincher

Made of sturdy pvc and sretchable waistband. This is what you need for that sophisticated & chic look. Best fits UK8 to a small UK12.

Tribal Waistcincher

Made of sturdy pvc and sretchable waistband. This is what you need for that spunk yet chic look. Best fits UK6 to UK10.
Creamy Off-white // AVAILABLE
Edgy Purple // AVAILABLE

Velveteen Stud Vest

Uber soft velveteen vest, completely lined with satin on the inside. This will take you to boho to chic to supafly in a jiffy. The back has an adjustable semi-belt. All the studs are hand-sewn with care. Will fit up to UK12. RESTOCKABLE depending on demands.

Shoplifter's Muse II Bag

Credit: The Bag Snobe - YSL Muse Two review
Easy to open hook closure on flap and two front straps are the only hardware details on the soft leather bags. I am partial to the blue ostrich trimmed in cream canvas and blue leather(and have it on order), it is just the ultra fabulous bag I need for the season! I love the soft structure and the shape- it's like a casual and young birkin! Perfect for young bag snobs who have been coveting a birkin, this is destined to be a classic you will never regret!

As reviewed by Bag Snob, Muse II is indeed effortlessly edgy & hip in it's own way. Spacious enough to fit your whole wide world in it, one large zipped pocket on the inside and back. The soft PU leather is almost as close as a real leather! We have it Dark Black, Creamy White, Edgy Purple & Dark Brown. Grab one for yourself at:

Gosh! Where's our Slanted Futuristic top? Damn, on turns of event that particular item will not be able to make it today, so tomorrow it is! So check us out alrite. Okay, mail away!

The Shoplifters

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