Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 18,  

Hello 2-0-0-9,

Still can't believe we just crossed over to another year, a fortunate & fruitful one we hope. Have you made up your new year's resolution? :) We here at The Shoplifters are still thinking through of what we want to happen in this year. Obviously, among them would be; to correct our past mistakes through better planning, to be a better fashion provider to all our faithful readers, to be a whole lot better at time (& anger! ehem) management, and to have a more optimistic outlook in our life. Oh well, looks like somebody had a piece of Yes Man! :P

Anyways, to kick start our new year we will be doing a Monday Monsieur first sale ever. Most items will be knock down up to RM10 from it's original price. So if you are still planning to get something for your boyfriend or best bud, just holla at us and we'll send the item to the lucky lad!

As for this week's Neue Fashion 18, there will be;

  • tutu dresses!
  • cocoon loove dresses
  • ruffle halter pieces
  • and something so-called complex geometries (if you've been stalking Kitsch Snitch, you'll understand what we mean ;))
On to the pictorial evidence!

Oh by the way, ever since our address book been expanding to more than half a kilo we are no longer able to send updates via email. To subscribe to our super fast updates please join our Google Group, we promise you it's a whole lot better this way :)

Living in the past, for the future;
The Shoplifters.

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