Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 19,  

Good day people!

Last week we went a lil crazy on stocking up stuff for Neue Fashion Tuesday! Blacks and whites to floral, laces to sequins, studded to rosevelte belts, and even pairs of hot black pumps! We're succumbing on keeping the black pumps for ourselves, it really does reminds us of Nine West when we look at it *eyes glazing*

Anyways, here is a sneak preview image for tomorrow's Neue Fashion items ;)

Oh we forgot, we also have quilted bags. In conclusion we have:
- Flora Lola
- Sequin Bolero
- Lacey Macy
- Draconian belt, gold dragon buckle cincher
- Rosevelte waist cincher
- Cocoa Jumbo waist cincher
- Studded Black belt
- the return of our black glossy leggings, Zolten Lightning Black
- Quilted Slouch bags, a remodification of Chanel 2.55 bags
- and homaigod these are a LOT which includes our favorite 3" black P.U leather pumps, Zana.

We forgot! We also have limited pairs of black bat wing top with laces & pleats :D
If there's any questions regarding tomorrow's Neue Fashion, just holla and we'll be more than glad to assist you.

Anyways, we might have vintage jackets & blouses this Wednesday for our Vintage Wednesday theme. And also some scarf, who knows :P

On to Monday Monsieur, coming up after this. Stay tuned!

Chic criminals,
The Shoplifters.

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