Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 20,  


Can't believe this is our 20th diary entry, which means we've been running the blog for more than 20 weeks (of course excluding the weeks that we took holiday breaks, fyi we've been operating since August 2008)! We have our ups and downs so far, but most of them are good memories and we're grateful for that and not one second of those experience we would want to take back. Also, we're looking forward for more good times thanks to you guys!

Anyway how did your weekend went by huh? Well, we had a great one at Showpink Junkyard Sale! Met numerous new customers and old friends stopping by just to say hello and goodbyes. Plus, profit was good enough to keep us smiling till the wee morning ;). The Showpink Junkyard Sale started at 1pm to 7pm, we went to buy some new Neue Fashion stocks early morn and quickly grabbed quite a few goodies within a short span of time. We did our homework but we've never brought in so many of these type of items in one go. So it's sort of an experiment for us, to see how The Shoplifters' customers would fare with our new products for the week.

For entree;

Sexy yummy black lace leggings.

And then some of these;

If you are an avid follower of us, you might have known that we taught you Complex Geometrics (which is still restockable in Grey), well now we have more Geometry Lessons to pass down. This style were lavishing Spring 2009 runways, thought we give it more ready to wear looks and we've brought you casual ruffles, chic ruffles to smart deluxe ruffles. Seriously, there's more to that but let's just keep it for tomorrow ;)

And saving the best for last as our dessert, the last time we brought in maxi dresses was a very long time ago and looks like it's back in style for Spring 2009! What we love more about these maxi dresses are that they drape and drool in all the right places, no need for all the loud prints.. These are magical enough in it's own way, definitely enticing;

Well that's all for this week, the new products will come out tomorrow. But if there's anything that catches your eye we are here to help satisfy your needs.

So, do you like our new stuffs? If yeah, say aye! If no, say :(. We'll bring in more of what the crowd likes best, but brace yourself as it's gonna be one hell of fun bumpy ride!

p/s: Monday Monsieur & Vintage Wednesday will be taking a break this week, if anyone was expecting them.

EDITED: Oh my God, how can we forget?! We actually going to start a new promotion this week. Each week, we're going to pick one or two lucky customers and give out our SPECIAL PROMOTION CARD. The card will entitle for the customer to experience special privileges on your next purchases at The Shoplifters. The special privileges are at random, be it 10%-15% discount, free shipping or even a free gift. Pray mighty hard people, you might be our next lucky customer ;)

The Shoplifters

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