Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 21,  

Hello gals & boys,

We're really sorry we're a lil late on the Diary today, been running here and there and finally finish making up the teaser photos for this week's Vintage Wednesday. Yeah the vintage finds for this round!

Leatheary goodness, as we quote;

"From sleek pencil skirts at Temperley and Chanel, to the figure-hugging, black-tie-ready dresses of Fendi and Marc Jacobs, it’s all down to the new, softer leather being used. Cochrane argues that with Givenchy’s stretch-leather trousers fitting more like leggings – and we all love leggings – it’s likely we’ll soon push our trusty skinny jeans aside to make room for a pair of sticky skins." -- Vogue UK January 09 review.

If you're not a fan of skirts, well then you wouldn't say no to this:

But of course we have more and more than what's teasingly portrayed here. This will make up with all those missing weeks of vintage rounds we promised you. There will also be a few belts, jackets, blouses, vest and even a piece of vintage leather skort (skirt + short). How's that?

Alas, having concentrated all our time for this week's vintage, we had no time to shoplift some stuff for Neue Fashion. Therefore, Neue Fashion 21 will be postponed to next week, along with Monday Monsieur. And we've also decided that Monday Monsieur and Vintage Wednesday will appear alternatively each week. As for our DIY Thursday, aww we know you can understand that The Shoplifters are currently under-staffed as our lil fashion student is away for her studies. We'll try to think of something else to do with our creative *cough* hands someday :))

Take care peeps! See ya this Wednesday!

The Shoplifters

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