Neue Fashion 21:UPDATED!  

We have got so so many goodies this round our model, Shoplifter Tina almost lost her eyesight editing all the photos! But ahh never mind as we feel obligated to bring you the best varied goods each week and this week is no exception. From leather jackets to metallic skirts to mod dress to python bags! Oh dear, there are just too many!

Chameleon Sequin Flats

Our amazing chameleon sequin flats! It's even much better than Prada's Pailette Skimmer, which by the way costs a whooping USD650! At first glance you might not see how this would differ from any sequin ballerina flats, but hey look! You can change the pattern on the flats just by glazing your finger on it, it can be ANYTHING YOU WANT. Girl, you can even write your name on that flats of yours. Seriously, this will be the talk of the crowd. Both of the brassy gold & black has silver underlayer. Be creative, be glamorous! With this colors, you can pair it up with any style and color of tops. Priced a lil steep than our usual flats due to it's high cost and mega superb quality. Haven't seen this anywhere yet either ;)
Sizes are similar to Vincci sizes.
Gold Glamour

Black Goth

Checkered Mod Dress

Wonderful checkered stripe mod dress made of high quality textured cotton. Rows of round buttons and the back and a hidden pocket. Uber cute!

Shiny Missoni Dress

Mossini print dress with shining type of material and cotton lining. Loving the colorful transition of colors on the dress and definitely the fine pleated detail on the neck. Has a bit of a flare on the bottom part. This one even looks good with our Metallic Drape skirt! Length 32", fits UK4-UK10. Restockable depending on demands.
RM45 --> RM30
Shiny Missoni Grey+Purple: SOLD OUT
Shiny Missoni Pink: AVAILABLE
Shiny Missoni Grey+BluishGreen: SOLD OUT

Wayfarer & Round Glasses

Wayfarer Blue Shadow: SOLD
Wayfarer Purple Shadow: SOLD
Wayfarer Blue Interior: SOLD

Black Round Glasses: SOLD
Purple Round Glasses: SOLD

Chic Leather Jacket

Softest man-made leather jacket we have ever seen! Complete with studs on the belt loops, brassy zipper slanted on the chest pockets, uber cute sleeves and satin underlining. Definitely made for the chic girl who's in need for a biker jacket. Measurement: shoulder length 14", length 20" . Do take note that the tan jacket's sleeves is shorter than the olive green jacket. Fits UK6 to UK10. Not restockable.
Olive Green Chic Jacket: SOLD OUT
Tan Leather Chic Jacket: SOLD OUT

Metallic Drape Skirt

Our metallic drape skirt reminds us so much of the works of Ann Demeulemeester when we first saw it. Comes in brassy gold and silver black, will be able to fit UK6-UK12. Pair it with a simple top and vest for a day out with the girls or wear it with a printed top and studded clincher. Very versatile and stunning in it's own way! Length 16.5" for the longest part. Not restockable!
Metallic Drape Gold: SOLD OUT
Metallic Drape Silver: SOLD OUT

Python Hisses Bag

Skin are so IN! The python look has snaked its way into Spring, and in some very imaginative ways -- from Donna Karan's gemstoned ruched bag to Dior's bustier halter top to of course, Prada's beautufully crumpled serpent-print dresses. And there are so many cool, color-rich, budget-concious accesories for you to sink your fangs into this season. One thing for sure: All of these snake pieces are charmers. -- Vogue US February 2009

Super large python skin bag (faux definitely), for you to fit all your files, make-ups, chocolate bars whilst being in style! Mega large spacing, will be able to fit more than just an A4 sized Vogue mag. Also in colors that will surely pop out in the crowd, Hot Pink & Pop Turquoise or maybe a neutral Glam Black bag? Priced liberatingly at:
Glam Black: SOLD OUT
Hot Pink: SOLD OUT
Pop Turquoise: SOLD OUT

Polkadot Lace-trim Dress

This super sweet polkadot ruffle sleeved, lace trim dress is one if a kind. Suitable for office or a casual movie date with the boyfriend. The body part is lined, and the material is chiffon made. Length 31", best fits UK6-UK10.

Princess Sequin Dress

Awesome silver grey sequin dress for that princess in you. Brought in exclusively for The Shoplifters customers, not restockable in any way at all. Intricate detailing, unlike the cheap sequins, very grand very delicate. All hail the princess! Length 33", best fits UK4-UK8.

Popsy-turvy colors & prints! Woopie duo! Finally that's it folks, mail us your orders ;)

Go pop,
The Shoplifters

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