EVERYTHING MUST GO! We're definitely clearing up our wardrobe this time to make room for more new items so everything are going at dirt-cheap rate. FLAT PRICES OF RM10, RM20, RM30 for clothes and lowest price of RM25 for shoes!

If there is more than one person interested on the item, item will go to the person who can make the fastest payment. Fight fair ladies! And also you may still inquire if the item is only Pending.



Shiny Missoni Dress

Mossini print dress with shining type of material and cotton lining. Loving the colorful transition of colors on the dress and definitely the fine pleated detail on the neck. Has a bit of a flare on the bottom part. This one even looks good with our Metallic Drape skirt! Length 32", fits UK4-UK10.
Shiny Missoni Pink: AVAILABLE
RM45 RM30

Slanted Futurist Top

This interesting top is made of mixed cotton with a slight shimmer -- very silky effect. What's so amazing about is that it has an awesome cutting and design on the collar and slightly slanted positioning of the buttons. The shoulder are pleated and it also comes with a thin patent belt. The back has a loop hole for you to insert the belt. It looks amazing with just about anything, it also functions well as a jacket! There's a slit pocket on the left side, and a large pleated pocket on the right side, coolness. This piece will best fit UK4 to a small UK10.
Silky Beige: AVAILABLE
RM48 RM30


Butterfly Maid

Beautiful butterfly sleeves, with lace hem. Appropriate & sweet for a everyday wear, to work or class. Made of cooling satin, sash is detachable and you can wear it as a belt over a high-waisted skirt or as a headband. Do not worry about overexposing your bra as it is covered on that part. Best fits UK4-UK-10. Get it here only at
Black: PAID - Hanis
RM39 RM20

  • Chameleon Sequin Flats -> RM45
  • Drop Crotch Jumpsuit -> RM45
  • Leyna Fringe Boots -> RM40
  • Primsy Satin Dress -> RM30
  • Flora Lola -> RM30
  • Cocoon Love -> RM30
  • Checkered Mod Dress -> RM30
  • Goddess Gown -> RM30
  • Primsy Lace Dress -> RM30
  • Tutu Tulle Gurl -> RM30
  • Étaín T-Bar Heels -> RM25
  • Thunderbolt Vest Tee -> RM20
  • Ribbon Chiffon Top -> RM20
  • Bat-wing Pleated Lace -> RM20
  • Ruffle Up ->RM20
  • Lacy Macy -> RM20
  • Face Art Tunic -> RM20
  • Ruffled Jumper ->RM20
  • Drape It Like It's Host Vest ->RM20
  • Cotton Candi Cardie -> RM20
  • Agynie Stripes Bow Mini Dress ->RM20
  • Ruffled Viola ->RM20
  • Overlap Waistcincher -> RM10
  • Black Chain Necklace -> RM10
  • Zolten Metallic Leggings -> RM10
  • Tribal Waistcincher -> RM10
  • Jenny's Ponytail -> RM10
That's all folks, grab everything! We really need to clear our stocks. Prices are fixed, not negotiable :D

The Shoplifters

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Restock Order!  

Hello young fashionistas,

We have successfully cleaned out our Neue Fashion 26 closet (only 1 silk Black Jumpsuit left, go grab it grrl! SOLD!), and we've received numerous restock orders on all the items. Alas, we would like to remind you guys to make your payment as soon as possible so that we can just holler at our supplier and book this much and this much coz our customers demands so ;)

Please be reminded, STOCKS ARE LIMITED(& running out fast!) so for those who are late, sorry peeps! It's a feisty world out here. And the list are;

UPDATE 27/03/09; ORDERS CLOSED, next restock will be next week (depending on stock availability).

Drapey Pin-Stripe Shirt (No longer restockable)
  1. Farahrizan AR- Bright Green (paid)
  2. Shoplifter Schuhz (needs a spank) - Sweet Lavender
  3. Chery C - Sweet Lavender (paid)
Sharp Shoulders Wrap (No longer restockable)
  1. Arhnue Tan - Grey (paid)
  2. Shoplifter Schuhz (needs a spank) - Grey
  3. Faiezah Mustafa - Earthy Brown (paid)
  4. Cheryl C - Earthy Brown (paid)
  5. Alia (rame ilros) - Grey (paid)
  6. Siti Liyana - Army Green (paid)
  7. Zulaikha J - Grey (paid)
Perforated Long Tee-Dress (Restockable in Black & White only)
  1. Racheal T - Grey (paid)
  2. Tammy Ng - Grey (paid)
  3. Zulaikha J - Grey (paid)
  4. Siti Liyana - Grey (paid)
  5. Ji Hung - Grey (banned)
Safari Dress (Restockable in Army Green only)
  1. Aliaa M - Army Green (paid)
  2. Zoe - Army Green (paid)
  1. Faiezah M - Brown (paid)
  2. Nur Athirah - Brown (paid)
Priority will be given to those that have completed their payment, if payment is not made by Friday item will not be restocked. Well just so to avoid back-outs or missing persons after item has been brought in. No harm, no foul ;)

Do let us know if we have left out your name!
Thank you for your support people ;)

pssst: Do visit the rest of Neue Fashion items for old stocks.

The Shoplifters

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Neue Fashion 26 / SOLD OUT!  

Do you see the difference of this edition's photos? Apparently our Neue Fashion model, Shoplifter Tina molded her modeling style ala the pretty runway high-fashion girls. We certainly love it coz it's as if the picture is frozen in her movement ;)

Alas, email us for orders at theshoplifters at gmail dot com!

Perforated Long Tee-Dress

Uber comfortable long tee dress with cool perforated action on the chest and back. Radical ain't it? To make it more edgier, snap on some neon colored spag and see the colors making the perforated shapes more visible ;). With it's straight cutting, this baby will be able to fit up to UK12. Measurement: Shoulder length = 19.5", Pit to pit = 20.5", Length = 34.5. Not restockable.

Sharp Shoulders Wrap

Made of soft comfortable mixed cotton + linen material. This is a different edge for wraps, coats or even jackets! You can choose to button it up on it's opposite side to get the look on the grey jumpsuit and checkered tube dress, or just let it loose like in the grey perforated long tee-dress. Or even cinch it! Uber stylish, very different than anything you've ever seen before aite? Fits UK4-UK12. Measurement: Shoulder length = 21", Pit to pit = 19.5", Length = 24.5". Not restockable!
Army Green: SOLD OUT
Earthy Brown: SOLD OUT

Silky One-sey

Super high quality hard silk, smocked pleated at the back & chest. Stretchable banded waist, so you won't loose your figure. Length of pants falls slightly off the ankle, elongate your body with a pair of stilletos and your good to go! Measurement: Length = 44.5" ; Top = 14", Bottom = 30.5", Pit to pit = 14.5", Bust (lay flat) = 15", Waist (lay flat) = 11.5". Fits UK4 to small UK10. Unfortunately it's not restockable ladies :(
Black : SOLD OUT

Safari Dress

Sexy in a really subtle glamorous way, kick it up a notch to the Safari level and you get these awesome mixed cotton + linen dress with ruched shoulder sleeves and wide neck. Wear it slightly off shoulder and cinch it with a belt to change the look. With it's versatile colors, this can take you anywhere ;). Will be able to fit UK4-UK12. Measurement: Length = 33", Pit to pit / Bust lay flat = 22". Not restockable.
Army Green: SOLD OUT

Drapey Pin-Stripe Shirt

As always, we love the drapey nature of this pin-stripe print item. Made of soft comfortable cotton, very high quality and amazing make. Cut-off sleeveless and ruched to the side all the way to the neck. Fits UK4-UK12. Measurement: Shoulder length = 14", Pit to pit = 15.5", Length = 26" . Not restockable.
Bright Green: SOLD OUT
Pure White: SOLD OUT
Sweet Lavender: SOLD OUT
Sunny Yellow: SOLD OUT

Checkered Net Bubble Dress

Grungy checkered dress with full netting, ooh-la-love! Inner layer is made of cotton, so comfortable indeed. Black belt comes free with the dress so hit two bird with one stone ey? You can also wear these with a pair of white tee and leggings. Will be able to fit from UK6 up to UK12. Measurement: Length - 25", waist (high, lay flat) - 15", bust (lay flat) - 14". Not restockable.
Red Checkered: SOLD OUT
B&W Checkered: SOLD OUT

Cinch-It Baby!

Faux leather buckle, loving the cannibalistic skin it has and the gold edge buckle. Fits comfortably on waist 26"-28". Restockable but in limited quantities.

That's all folks! Mail your orders away :D

The Shoplifters

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