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Hello young fashionistas,

We have successfully cleaned out our Neue Fashion 26 closet (only 1 silk Black Jumpsuit left, go grab it grrl! SOLD!), and we've received numerous restock orders on all the items. Alas, we would like to remind you guys to make your payment as soon as possible so that we can just holler at our supplier and book this much and this much coz our customers demands so ;)

Please be reminded, STOCKS ARE LIMITED(& running out fast!) so for those who are late, sorry peeps! It's a feisty world out here. And the list are;

UPDATE 27/03/09; ORDERS CLOSED, next restock will be next week (depending on stock availability).

Drapey Pin-Stripe Shirt (No longer restockable)
  1. Farahrizan AR- Bright Green (paid)
  2. Shoplifter Schuhz (needs a spank) - Sweet Lavender
  3. Chery C - Sweet Lavender (paid)
Sharp Shoulders Wrap (No longer restockable)
  1. Arhnue Tan - Grey (paid)
  2. Shoplifter Schuhz (needs a spank) - Grey
  3. Faiezah Mustafa - Earthy Brown (paid)
  4. Cheryl C - Earthy Brown (paid)
  5. Alia (rame ilros) - Grey (paid)
  6. Siti Liyana - Army Green (paid)
  7. Zulaikha J - Grey (paid)
Perforated Long Tee-Dress (Restockable in Black & White only)
  1. Racheal T - Grey (paid)
  2. Tammy Ng - Grey (paid)
  3. Zulaikha J - Grey (paid)
  4. Siti Liyana - Grey (paid)
  5. Ji Hung - Grey (banned)
Safari Dress (Restockable in Army Green only)
  1. Aliaa M - Army Green (paid)
  2. Zoe - Army Green (paid)
  1. Faiezah M - Brown (paid)
  2. Nur Athirah - Brown (paid)
Priority will be given to those that have completed their payment, if payment is not made by Friday item will not be restocked. Well just so to avoid back-outs or missing persons after item has been brought in. No harm, no foul ;)

Do let us know if we have left out your name!
Thank you for your support people ;)

pssst: Do visit the rest of Neue Fashion items for old stocks.

The Shoplifters

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