Dear SHOPLIFTERS's Diary 25  

Hello people :)

We've discussed about our Neue Fashion schedule which supposedly appear on weekly basis, and it seems like we kinda have been postponing our updates every now & then. Since we only have two pairs of hands (Shuz has taken a temporary leave from all Shoplifter's work due to concentrate on her studies), considering the fact that we could not deliver our promises for updates we'll have to reschedule Neue Fashion updates to once every two weeks. Terribly sorry, but we bet you must see this coming haha!

But yeah as promised we'll update with Neue Fashion 28 tomorrow around 12pm with;

  • Sneaky snake waist cincher
  • Drape Chiffon top, uber sweet! Complete with a free singlet ;)
  • Sporty Jumpsuit, complying to Spring 2009 Trend Report.
  • Cut-Out Heels ala Yves Saint Laurent in limited sizes though.
  • Sparkly lavender Bubblegum Wedges.. so cute we practically squealed haha!
  • And also finally the arrival of our ever so awaited Zolten Midnight Black, and 'cousin' Zolten Zipper ;)

Well that's it for tomorrow, wait for our updates aite!

The Shoplifters

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