Neue Fashion Special: Studded Wrap Sandal / SOLD OUT  

We're actually NOT suppose to be updating this week but we just couldn't resist the the temptation when we found this!

Karmaloop Mosaic Studded Sandals, USD202!!

When everyone else is clamoring over the same overrated studded gladiator flats, that does mean it's time to move on to something that no one else has rite? What we've got here is the tribal-esque studded wrap-up sandals made of 100% original leather! Each and every single one of the round studs are individually sewn on therefore it wont budge or easily falls of like the glued on type nor will it hurt your dainty feet like the usual pyramid studs. Wrap it up on your ankle and secure it with the adjustable buckle.
The sizes are super similar to Vincci sizing.
We saw the same exact pair sold at Pavillion for over RM150++. Though we agree to the notion as it is indeed brought in at a high cost (original leather, duh!), but we also believe in affordability ;) Therefore we're selling at only;
Size 35 / Size 4: SOLD
Size 36 / Size 5: SOLD
Size 37 / Size 6: SOLD
Size 38 / Size 7: SOLD
Size 39 / Size 8: SOLD

EDIT: We've just called up our supplier and they just ran OUT OF STOCK for Black SW Sandals! But fret not our dearies, we've personally ordered THREE SETS of the Black Studded Wrap Sandals. Only glitch is, it will arrive in another 3 weeks, estimated on 13th June 2009.

Restock Order Black Studded Wrap Sandal [CLOSED]:
Size 35 / Size 4: - Miss OCD (paid), Ama YMF (paid), Boon Hui (paid)
Size 36 / Size 5: - Alysia S (paid), Adlean (paid), Agness Choo (paid) ; waiting list Ajanne, Melissa Tan
Size 37 / Size 6: Liana N (paid) , Jez's Friend (paid), Joyce W (paid) ; waiting list Aziati H, Lena Lim, Evan Lau
Size 38 / Size 7: Cheryl C (paid), QilahAx (paid), Siti Liyana (paid); waiting list Baby Dania, Lynn IE, Safiena O, Dilla Duryha
Size 39 / Size 8: Schuhz, Sara AM (paid), Mardhiah AL (paid); waiting list Evan Lau, An Nabilah, Andrea JD

The Shoplifters

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Monday Monsieur 13  

Sorry for the poor photo editing, we didn't have any model to shot these photos. Hope these will be enough. Any questions just holler!

Baseball Tee

Similar to TOPMAN's Baseball Tee!!

Uber soft cotton t-shirt for you guys to lounge around. Cool enough on it's own, great paired with skinnies and high-dunks. What's more, it's uncannily similar to TOPMAN's tee. Same styling & color. Lovin' it! Best fits size XS-M only for male (tagged as size M), and size UK6-UK10 for female. Sorry but this is the best price we can give, barely earning much for this item because of its high cost price. Totally worth it though! Not restockable!
Blue/Yellow: SOLD
Black/Red x 2: SOLD

Grey/Marshmallow x 2: SOLD

Cyan/Yellow x 2: SOLD

White/Red: SOLD


Exposed Zipper Jacket

Edgy superhot exposed zipper jacket. All the rave of the season and we manage to find one for the guys to wear. Made of hard cotton canvas and soft ribbed cotton for the hem of the sleeve, bodice & collar. Collar can be rolled down. Tagged as size M, best fits size S-M only. Not restockable!

Vintage Scooter Tee

Own a scooter/vespa? Or just a fan of anything retro? Well then you're in luck because we have found just the right tee for you! The Beatles on a scooter saying "We love Vintage Scooter" and "Have a Vespa weekend!". The shadows on the Beatles boys & writings on top are made of velvet. So cool rite! Best fits size XS-M (tagged as size M) for boys, or size UK6-UK10 for girls. Restockable!
Black: SOLD
White: SOLD

Grey: SOLD


Wunder Cardigan

Super cute & colorful buttons! Look at the pockets and sleeves, opposite colors for each side. Best cotton material ever, soft and smooth. Pockets are functional :) Best fits size XS-M for male (tagged as size M), and size UK6-UK12 for the girls. Restockable!

Lounge Tee

Lounging in the living room with a laptop and the Internet. Ahh bliss! Made of super soft comfortable cotton tee. Best fits male size XS-M. Not restockable!

Really Good Tee

Vintage like graphic on a burn-out type white cotton. Comfortable for in our hot hot heat day & night! Best fits male size XS-M, and girls size UK6-UK10. Not restockable!

Pin-Up Tee

Punk pins galore full body graphic with a V-neck. Best fits male size XS to small M and girl size UK6-UK10. Not restockable!

More Monday Monsieur? Click here!

Tough love,
The Shoplifters

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Restock Order // CLOSED!!  

Taking restock order for items below:

From left: Drape Harem Pants (hot-selling item for 6 weeks in a row !), Strong Shouldered Dress, Skinny High-waisted Pants.

Payment must be made to Tina's Maybank/CIMB account by Friday nite (15th May '09) so that we won't miss your order. Item will not be restocked if payment is not made.

Mail us quick!

p/s: Wanna hear our every thoughts the minute we think about it? Follow us on our Twitter ;)

The Shoplifters

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Neue Fashion 30 / SOLD OUT  

Hello girls, more great items this week! Some are restockable while some are not so grab these quick while we still have it in our hands ;)

Giddy-up Glads

We've seen all sorts of heels & pumps in zebra prints and all types of gladiators flats as well but we surely haven't seen this kind of babies anywhere around the blogosphere yet :P Cute with a serious edge we say! Made of high quality PVC, uber comfortable. Zipper at the back. Has a small cutting, therefore it's wise to buy one size bigger than your usual size. Not restockable!

Strong Shouldered Dress

Trend Report by :)

"If you picked up a fashion magazine sometime in the last few months, surely you've heard the news. As dictated by the runways, the fashion story of the S/S 09 season is strong shoulders (and we're not talking about deltoids). That's right, dear readers, collarbones be damned, there's a new body part to fetishize! While the most directional runways were bumper to bumper with jackets and dresses featuring this exaggerated silhouette, we've been waiting for our favorite tastemakers to take to this trend."-- WWW, Trend Report: Strong Shoulders.
Behold our version of strong shouldered dress, made of high quality cotton. Puffed up victorian sleeves with ruched smocked waist, defining your lady like silhouette. Best fits UK4-UK10. Measurement: shoulder 14"; pit to pit 13.5"; length 32". Not restockable.
Model is also wearing Drape Harem Pants (with white dress) & Big Buckle Belt which are still restockable/available.
Mustard: SOLD
Black: SOLD
Hot Pink: SOLD
White: SOLD

Skinny High-waisted Pants

Mixed cotton light denim skinny high-waisted pants with gold buttons! Match it with a graphic top or a tank top with blazer. Try matching it with a long sleeved lace top for a different effect. Uber stylish! Available in two colors, Light Blue & Grey. Not restockable!
Size S - length 44"; waist (lay flat)13"; hips 17". Best fits UK4-UK6.
Size M - Length 44.5"; waist (lay flat) 14"; hips 18". Best fits UK8-UK10.

Cool Tank-Top

Is the hot hot heat getting to you, and all you wanna wear is a tank top and a pair of shorts outside? Well be fashionably stylish at doing so is no harm at all right? Pick & grab any of these designs, cool comfortable graphic tank top with ruched t-back. Best fits UK4-UK8. Measurement: shoulder 13.5"; pit 16"; length 25.5". Restockable!
Design A: SOLD
Design B: SOLD

Graphic Girl Tee

Soft V-neck tee for girls, pair it up with any high waisted pants or skirts and a blazer. Best fits UK4-UK10. Measurement: shoulder 13.5"; pit to pit 16"; length 25.5". Not restockable!
Brit Scarf: SOLD
Utensils: SOLD
Monroe: SOLD

Boxy Vintage Bag

Fancy a piece of vintage bag but not the used one? We've got a collection of vintage inspired bags here today and one of it is this cute lunch-box look-alike with long adjustable straps. Made of hard high quality sturdy faux leather. Measurement: height 8' ; base 4.5' ; width 9'. Not restockable!
Model is also wearing a black version of Destroyed Jeans from our Neue Fashion 22, restockable!

Ladylike Vintage Bag

Appropriately named Ladylike, another new vintage inspired bag which can fit just about anything, from your large sized Vogue to teeny tiny vanity mirror. Small gold buckle twist-lock, zipper compartment at the back and spacious inside. Measurement: height 9.75"; base 5 "; width 11.25" ; strap 30" Made of high quality PU leather. Not restockable.

Bucket Vintage Bag

Uber cute bucket vintage inspired bag with overflap closure. Made of hard PU leather, high quality, not the flimsy type. We have it in Brown & Black, simply irresistable! Measurement: height 12.5 "; base 7"; width 10". Not restockable.

That's all for this week folks, mail us away!

The Shoplifters

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