Neue Fashion Special: Studded Wrap Sandal / SOLD OUT  

We're actually NOT suppose to be updating this week but we just couldn't resist the the temptation when we found this!

Karmaloop Mosaic Studded Sandals, USD202!!

When everyone else is clamoring over the same overrated studded gladiator flats, that does mean it's time to move on to something that no one else has rite? What we've got here is the tribal-esque studded wrap-up sandals made of 100% original leather! Each and every single one of the round studs are individually sewn on therefore it wont budge or easily falls of like the glued on type nor will it hurt your dainty feet like the usual pyramid studs. Wrap it up on your ankle and secure it with the adjustable buckle.
The sizes are super similar to Vincci sizing.
We saw the same exact pair sold at Pavillion for over RM150++. Though we agree to the notion as it is indeed brought in at a high cost (original leather, duh!), but we also believe in affordability ;) Therefore we're selling at only;
Size 35 / Size 4: SOLD
Size 36 / Size 5: SOLD
Size 37 / Size 6: SOLD
Size 38 / Size 7: SOLD
Size 39 / Size 8: SOLD

EDIT: We've just called up our supplier and they just ran OUT OF STOCK for Black SW Sandals! But fret not our dearies, we've personally ordered THREE SETS of the Black Studded Wrap Sandals. Only glitch is, it will arrive in another 3 weeks, estimated on 13th June 2009.

Restock Order Black Studded Wrap Sandal [CLOSED]:
Size 35 / Size 4: - Miss OCD (paid), Ama YMF (paid), Boon Hui (paid)
Size 36 / Size 5: - Alysia S (paid), Adlean (paid), Agness Choo (paid) ; waiting list Ajanne, Melissa Tan
Size 37 / Size 6: Liana N (paid) , Jez's Friend (paid), Joyce W (paid) ; waiting list Aziati H, Lena Lim, Evan Lau
Size 38 / Size 7: Cheryl C (paid), QilahAx (paid), Siti Liyana (paid); waiting list Baby Dania, Lynn IE, Safiena O, Dilla Duryha
Size 39 / Size 8: Schuhz, Sara AM (paid), Mardhiah AL (paid); waiting list Evan Lau, An Nabilah, Andrea JD

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