Monday Monsieur 15  

Hey guys, here comes another edition of the Monday Monsieur! Sorry for the slow update, we're all going through a busy phase in each of our lives. Do remember to read the descriptions before e-mailing us with enquiries, because what you need to ask is usually already stated :)

The Ultimate Tee

This V-neck t-shirt is decorated with the quirkiest illustration ever! Robots, skulls, hearts, rainbows, unicorns, Che Guevara -- WHUUT?! Well obviously, you can't get any quirkier than this. Limited pieces only. Free size and NOT RESTOCKABLE!
Measurement : shoulder 16", pit 18", length 25.5"
The Ultimate Tee Black : 2 AVAILABLE
The Ultimate Tee Grey : SOLD
The Ultimate Tee Cream : 1 AVAILABLE

Martians Kill Martians Tee

We've seen the 'human' version of this, but our martian version is definitely a way to protest gun violence with a subtle coat of humour and fun. Well, it depends on how you see it. Not to mention, the typography is absolutely brilliant. Free size and NOT RESTOCKABLE YO!
Measurement : shoulder 16", pit 18", length 25.5"
Martians Kill Martians Black x 2 : SOLD OUT
Martians Kill Martians White : AVAILABLE
Martians Kill Martians Dark Brown : SOLD OUT

Native Americans Tee

This interesting piece may look like just random lines at first sight, but upon closer inspection, the lines actually create an image of a head of a Native American's warrior! Beautifully done and combined with paint splatter textures to even out this piece. Limited pieces available. NOT RESTOCKABLE!
Measurement : shoulder 16", pit 18", length 25.5"
Black x 2 : 1 AVAILABLE
Maroon : SOLD OUT
Salmon : SOLD OUT

That's all for today, folks!

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