Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary 30  

Hello ya'll,

We're sorry for being m.i.a (missing in action) last weekend and all the people who emailed us didn't get any reply till today, the thing is well you know there's actually three Shoplifters? One of us were sunbathing in Bali for a whole week vacation, while the other one was pre-occupied practicing for a gig this coming Saturday, and the last one got engaged at her hometown last weekend. And we accidentally forgot to turn on the vacation auto-reply response for emails so you guys were left hanging, terribly sorry about that!

Since all three of us were occupied, we didn't have time to buy new Neue Fashion stuffs so there won't be any updates this week (boohoo-youuuu) :( Yeah yeah we know, sorry girls. Life's been throwing all sorts of stuffs at us lately, not that we're complaining :) Anyways, fret not, as we promised last week; updates for Dark Brown Boat Shoes will be coming up soon later today especially for ze' boys.

And if you were wondering which one of us will be performing her socks off this weekend at Annexe Gallery, Central Market. Do drop by on Saturday 1st August around 2:3opm, there will be loads of bands you'll be awed to see there:

Alrite, see you guys around!

Big love,
The Shoplifters

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