Last Piece! [Neue Fashion]  

While our model is still hounded with mountains of work from her corporate workplace, let's gather around old available stocks and see if anything tickles your fancy ;)

None of these are restockable though. Click on image to get to the original entry.

Sporty Jumpsuit (White) - RM55 | Studded Shred Shirt (Lavender) - RM40

Lace Bandeau Tee (Green) - RM39 | Basket Weave Heels (Size 6) - RM69

Fight Me I'm Irish (Green / Blue / Pink) - RM39

Dip Dye Tank (Purple) - RM48 | Paperbag Checkered Dress (B&W) - RM48

Metal Round Studded Cincher (all colors) - RM35 | Vintage Bag (dark brown) - RM50

Basic V-neck Tees (Lavender / BabyBlue / Mint / Peach) - RM30

Bubble Bow Silk (Gold & Grey) - RM58

Slanted Futurist Top (Beige) - RM30 | Shiny Missoni Dress (Pink) - RM30

Butterfly Maid (Purple) - RM20 | Ribbon Garden neklace - RM19

Metal Studded Heels (Size 8) - RM85

Bubblegum Wedges Size 5 - RM65

Metal Plat Studded Cincher (Red) - RM35

Snake Waistcincher (Red) - RM28

Big Buckle Belt (Cream) - RM20

If you see something you, just email us with your order:
Thanks for the support people, we miss hanging out here honestly!

p/s: Follow our twitter to get our latest update & see sneak preview photos: @theshoplifters

sloppy smooches,
The Shoplifters

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